The More Lefties Call Trump “Unstable,” The Greater The Contrast Between The Nation’s Actual Peace And Prosperity, And Their Nonstop Hyperventilating

Bill Weld launches GOP presidential exploratory committee.

Former Massachusetts Gov. William F. Weld is launching a presidential exploratory committee to challenge President Trump in the Republican primaries, saying the country is “in grave peril” and he “cannot sit quietly on the sidelines any longer.”

Weld becomes the first Republican to officially announce he is exploring a run against Trump, and sets up a potential match-up in the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire presidential primary and in other states.

In prepared remarks at the “Politics & Eggs” breakfast in Bedford, N. H., Weld delivered a blistering critique of Trump, saying “we have a president whose priorities are skewed toward promotion of himself rather than toward the good of the country.”

“To compound matters, our President is simply too unstable to carry out the duties of the highest executive office — which include the specific duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed — in a competent and professional matter,” Weld said in his prepared remarks. “He is simply in the wrong place.”

And a guy who’s just switched to the Liberatarian Party “for life” and then back to the GOP out of opportunism maybe shouldn’t talk about stability. Weld is just yet another case of how our political class is trapped within narcissistic fantasies of its own making.


In 2016 Bill Weld was for: Open Borders, polygamy, legalized prostitution, no restrictions on late term abortions, drug legalization, a border defense capable military only, abolishing medic licenses and ending the death penalty–to name just a few of his former party’s platform principles.


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