The Most Powerful Viral 19-Minute Video On The Internet Proves We're Approaching 'The End'

For those who think that the ‘refugee crisis’ is anything less than the complete and total overthrow of Europe, I suggest that you watch the video below, newly released by Death of Nations. Truly one of the most powerful and eloquently done videos I’ve ever seen on this ongoing crisis, you can quickly see why it has gone viral, and we quickly see why the continent we once knew as Europe is now dead. The videographer asks that everyone watching this download it themselves and mirror it on YouTube as it will likely be censored and taken down.

If this video is taken down you may find in on
Death of Nations YouTube channel the title is
With Open Gates: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations – Multilanguage Subtitles
According to this new story on Breitbart, 58% of Muslims in America reject the 1st Amendment Right of Americans to criticize Islam. Of those, 46% want that ‘blasphemy’ punished while another 12% want those ‘blasphemers’ killed. With Europe now being literally overrun by Muslims who already believe that their law, Sharia law, is superior to the laws of the nations they are ‘invading’, we quickly see in this video why civil war may soon be coming to the EU and why America as we once knew it is in our very last day.
We also learned this morning from Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs that a new ISIS manual proves that ISIS has the US in its crosshairs while telling us that the FBI has at least 900 ongoing ISIS-related investigations happening right now. Meanwhile we learn that Obama’s new welcome guide for immigrants is written in 14 different languages while learning from the US Herald that Obama’s pulled 2.6 billion dollars from US Veterans benefits while earmarking 4.5 billion dollars for Syrian refugees moving to the US. How much of that money will fall into the hands of ISIS terrorists here yearning to chop off American heads?
While the uneducated on the left might call us racist or intolerant for running this video, do they even know that should Muslims get their way and we have Sharia law in America, it will quickly spell the end of the gay agenda as homosexuals in America will get their heads lopped off or thrown off buildings just for being gay? This video helps to prove they cannot have it both ways – Sharia law spells the end to the US Constitution and all of our God-given rights our Bill of Rights protect.
Proving to us that anyone who speaks out against this barbaric Islamic invasion are branded as racists and Nazis, we quickly see that the Muslim invaders are the ones who hold ‘Nazi’ policies, striking out at anyone who disagrees with them and killing countless innocent Christians and children in the name of Allah
This video is mind-boggling and former French president Nicolas Sarkozy tells us why this is all happening now and why we have no choice, if the people do not like what’s happening, it will be forced upon them, and we see here that it is.:
“What is the goal? The goal is to meet the EU challenge of interracial marriage. It’s not a choice. It’s an obligation. If voluntarism does not work for the Republic, then the state will move in with more coercive measures.”

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22 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Viral 19-Minute Video On The Internet Proves We're Approaching 'The End'”

  1. Never sure what to make of vids like this, since they still operate on the belief or propaganda that ISIS is going to attack the US.
    While it’s possible they’d be used as patsies in a False Flag, ISIS is owned and operated by the Axis of Evil ~ The US/UK/Israel…Murder, Inc.
    At least POINT OUT that ISIS is threatening the US, because the US government wants Amerikans fearful and believing in this nonsense.
    And sorry; “The new ISIS manual”?
    Was that written by the authors of the ‘Patriot’ Act?

    • Dam right it is us or them. And don’t let the liberal pols tell you anything different. French attacks… coming soon to your cities in america. Fool!

    • No Robert you are a fool and it is evil which has conned you and leads you like a stupid little puppet and what I post above is most definitely for you, you utter moron and nasty little bigot. I bet you are also the sort of idiot who would call us bigots for naming the Jews as the real enemy, That is a fact borne out by history and the facts of the day, starting with who runs the world for generations. Yet your stupid outlook is a result of just a few short years of such obvious and hysterical propaganda and manipulation that you are evidently braindead and as such of little use to anybody except those who seek to destroy the human race.

  2. I’m sick of all this “Nazi” bullshit. Its always been allied propaganda to demonize the Germans. When we speak of evil it should be measured by the Bolshevik Jews and their slaughter of over 70 million people in Russia and the Ukraine. If not for Germany the Soviet Union would have swept over western Europe like they did in the east. You can thank Churchill and his Jews for starting a European conflagration over Germany wanting Danzig back.

  3. Jews are the cancer of humanity, they are the source of all this evil.
    I bet the attacks in Paris are done by Mossad, the israeli secret services to effect some agenda.
    Now France is joining the war in the middle east, before this, the french people refuse to go to war. if you look at event through the effect they produce you will end up understanding who is behind these attacks.
    the Jews are most vile people on earth.

    • When I see this I almost feel sorry to post what I am about to, but it needs to be said. You are correct and bless you for a wise man and speaker of truth.

  4. I see this little clash of civilizations is well and truly up and rolling. Now it is my turn to warn you, as a Muslim convert myself and a Westerner who has no less tolerance and peaceful intent as I have had since growing up as one of the last year of baby boomers. I have no issue with gays, despite considering it to be a sinful abomination and I most assuredly do not want everyone becoming Muslims, I tend to warn people away from Islam generally because it is very serious and absolutely the last religion you ever want to join. I mean that exactly as I say it, it should be the last religion you turn to, not because it is bad, but because it is the real deal and very serious stuff. Blow it and you are in a worse position than ever. I am watching this obvious and massive assault on humanity, pitting Western nations against Eastern ones basically and the manipulation of people’s beliefs and emotions by media and vile two faced politicians who despite their denials have the goal of starting a war such as none before it. I am warning you that despite the fact ISIS are subhuman scum with absolutely nothing to do with islam except the complete reversal of 1600 years of Islamic teachings and a return to the barbarism which Islam displaced in fact, despite the fact I am a Shia Muslim and we DO NOT DO TERRORISM and no Muslim should do, yet I am becoming extremely angry and will in fact eventually feel inclined to turn upon my Western people myself if you persist in buying into the grotesque lies and assume ISIS or even Wahhabis are in any way representative of Islam and if you persist in your disgusting lies and propaganda about Islam. You fuckwits had truly better wake up to yourselves because if you do in fact manage to go to war against Islam itself which is increasingly the sort of garbage rhetoric I am seeing, then I absolutely promise you we will wipe you from the face of the earth. We true Muslims are not enemies of anyone, EXCEPT THOSE WHO ATTACK US. The day we as a people feel that day has come, I promise you will regret it. Now go and vent your ignorant spleens at me all you like, I have no desire to discuss this with anyone. I am the last Muslim who would ever be a threat to the West and I will never commit violence in the name of religion. However I will stand up for my religion if you attack it! You can criticize all you like but use that ginned up hatred to justify murdering more innocents and the innocents will turn upon you and shred you and your nations to the bone and burn the remains and let the weeds grow over your corpses. Enough is enough. If you are too dull witted to see war propaganda and social manipulation so vast and obvious that a child should be able to understand it, then you are not worth a damn and death is all you deserve since you are nothing but a useful idiot and a puppet down here. Contemptible morons! The sensible ones who can recognize who their real enemies are and that they are also OUR real enemies should do your utmost to wake these fools up, because the war they are trying to start is going to be the end of the human race, and whilst some few may survive, it is definitely not going to be YOU.

  5. YOU are the abomination “Muh”. This is a protracted war against Europe and Europeans that is centuries old and it has ALWAYS been been engineered by the same group of people. The very SAME people who were kicked out of every country in Europe. They attempted to parasite every country that admitted them until they were ejected, thus their hatred. The khazars who called themselves jews are now the zionists referred to as illuminati, and they have been instigating disasters, famines, revolutions and wars to line their pockets for ages. These are the same individuals who forced the intellectuals and artists out of Hollywood to proliferate the media with programming to create generations of mental infants.
    They are now manuevering a way to portray themselves as ‘non-white’. The goal is world domination with the only remaining semblance of civilization being in isreal. I call on everyone who can, to research beyond the of lies and politically correct programming to see the truth and oust these treasonous criminals. As for muslims, I “invite” you to go back to the hole you came from and stay there. You have NO PLACE in civilized culture.


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