They Can Make The General Population Believe Anything They Want… They Can Make Them DO Anything They Want…

Think about it…
Via propaganda in the media they have convinced people that…
– Gay is normal
– You can choose to be a boy or a girl
– Fat is beautiful
– Weakness is an admirable quality
– Strength is a quality of mad men
– People who love their country are terrorists
– Rich people are evil
– White people are racist
– White people are evil
– White people should feel guilty for their ‘privilege’
– Your child belongs to the ‘community’
– Vaccines are good for you
– Fluoride in your water is good for you
– Bombs are clocks
– Muslims are peaceful
The list goes on and on Ad nauseam..
ALL of these things defy logic and common sense yet the MAJORITY of the people accept them into their ideological beings!
Now most of you on this website didn’t accept the programing but you’re in the MINORITY…
The bottom line is since the dawn of the first written language the masses have been subjected to ‘programing’ by their masters…
Since the dawn of radio, television, and the internet they finally realized that ANYTHING is possible..
They can convince the people of absolutely anything..
You’re up against enormous odds..
These ‘sheeple’ are never going to ‘wake up’…
They don’t want to..
Because if they did they’d have to face truths that would undo the very foundation of their false belief system..
If they ‘woke up’ they would be forced to take responsibility for their own lives and god knows that’s the LAST THING any of these sheeple fucks want to do..
It’s a shame really because propaganda and communication could have been used to educate and free the masses, instead it’s been used to dumb them down and enslave them even further..
The real problem is evil men seeking power…
Same as it’s ever been except in todays world they have NO FEAR of being hung from lamp posts if they’re found out..
Their control is absolute and I believe they are going to be making that crystal clear very soon…
Live well people..
Enjoy the relative peace and stability of todays world because that could all change in an instant..
Don’t make fucking problems and stress for yourself where there doesn’t need to be any..
You’ll have plenty to worry about soon enough..


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41 thoughts on “They Can Make The General Population Believe Anything They Want… They Can Make Them DO Anything They Want…”

  1. Probably the worst thing of all is they make people believe a majority of people believe their absurdities, when in fact it’s a small percentage who agree with 90% of their nonsense. The trouble is, many of the M$M, Hollywood, music industry are commies, queers and “usual suspects” (but i repeat myself)
    In just plain talk, the average person despises them.

  2. Okay, I’m going to have to correct you on the “gay is abnormal” mythology. Nobody in their right mind would CHOOSE to be oppressed, beaten, threatened, and humiliated because they aren’t heterosexual. Blaming people who were BORN gay for all the problems this country faces is a COP-OUT, pure….and….simple. Oh, and methinks you have swallowed the poison kool-aid about Muslims being terrorists. Now, there are some things you listed I wholeheartedly agree with you about, but you obviously have some unresolved prejudices which were drummed into your head at an early age, and you need to get those particular problems resolved.

    • Mr. Jew Ben Steinke! Yes, I guess for you and they like f*cking men is tradition. I don’t care – stay in your corner. In old times when gay was not normal gays met in places like public toilets. By the way Muslim religion or all Judea born religions like Christianity or Judaism are oppressive – ever heard of women rights?
      For Jews it is normal to mutilate young boys – they call it the tradition of circumcision – disgusting or the hang animals on their legs and cut their throats.
      …sorry there is a difference between perversion of tradition or being a human.

      • Oh, and I’M NOT A JEW nor AM I GAY. Prove that gays and lesbians are not BORN gays and lesbians using SCIENCE. I hope that’s not too much to ask. I suspect it is. Shock me!

    • there’s a difference between opposing corruption because one is dedicated to the truth as opposed to having an axe to grind against the system because one is pissed at being among the disenfranchised. A large part of the ‘patriot movement’ falls into the latter category.

  3. Yea. you whine about Halall but have no problems with the Jewish hallal wotch is exacty the same, weid isnt it.
    Muslims are all terrorist I dont know Invest.Blogg, what reality you have been kicked into.
    Gays, the reality is hillarious, they are somewhere around 2-4 % of an entire population, but the MSM makes it sound as they are everywhere, that isnt even close to the truth.
    I am still abitt mamze that some cant diverge their knowledge to more realistic stats than just copying the bollocs served in the MSM.
    The world have just One mayore problem, and thats YOU, yankyikes, nobody else but you.
    Il be honest, I dont like Arabs at all, I dont trust them, and I dont wana have them here at all.
    I speacly dont like Turks, the cryptojewish scums, and ErDOGan is one of them.
    My wife hates them.
    BUT il never ever blame anything else than politics and greed, Islam havent anything to do with violence, abolutely nothing, but the people down there is primitive rotten and corrupt, sexfixsated(my wife is blond) assholes.
    I despice people whom is throutly covards and hides in their own packs, like coward litle rats.
    BUT i can diferenciate, can you.
    Im f… feed up with you all.


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