The MSM is a joke and the fourth estate is broken. Our societies are getting played while the Corporations pick their teeth with our bones.

by garybeard

I think holding power to account is a crucial tennant of journalism. As all of you know what constitutes journalism these days in the MSM is a joke. Whether you look at the USA, UK, Brazil, Australia (my home country) or anywhere it is messed up. Your average punter doesn’t have an informed opinion anymore because all they are fed is BS talking points. I digress I’m jaded as fuck watching us all getting dragged down into emotional debates about non-issues while the real problems get suffocated and no air time.

America leads the free world yet your President is a bullshitter who supports the establishment. Look at his whole cabinet they are lobbyists and heavily connected deep state actors. Bush era sycophants who suckle the corporate teet. Just like Obama was before him when he bailed out the banks with your tax dollars and expanded the endless wars. Just like Bush-cheney who were war criminals who precipitated the GFC. Or Clinton before that dergulating the finance sector. Or Bush snr before that. Or Reagan. Etc. 50 odd years of bad people doing bad shit in the name of American Imperialism. You don’t become president without corporate masters.

Now feel free to disagree on <insert president here> but if you dig deep enough with an open mind you are wrong.

Since the 80s journalism has been more concentrated and pushed more targetted agendas. Murdoch globally is a key player but in the US its other corporations which own interests in industries like big oil which conflict with what journalist integrity should dictate they publish. The spin machine is in effect, whether is be right, alt-right, left leaning. Who owns it and why do they want you to think in a particular way?

Breitbart intentionally misleads its readers with easily disproved fodder. Fox news is owned by murdoch who has significant holdings in oil & gas, which includes acquisitions in Syria alongside Cheney’s Halliburton post US intervention. MSNBCIA poses as liberal but get guests from defence to push the endless war narratives who have undisclosed interests in companies like Lockheed-Martin. Wapo is owned by Bezos.

Again disagree if you like but an open mind and some fact checking will go a long way.

Now I personally have liked theIntercept as a source more than any other. Founded by Glen Greenwald (Snowden leaks), Laura Poitras (Citizenfour – the real Snowden leaks documentary) and Jeremy Scahill (Dirty Wars and Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army).

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Imo they are the real deal and they are fair in their reporting. I wanted to share it for those who have never heard of them, theintercept, and first look media.

I really think anyone who is conspiracy minded should make time to listen to Intercepted Podcast with Jeremy Scahill.

Here are a couple tasters:

Trailer (3mins):

Edit: for context I am centre left in my politics and intercepted is left leaning. Please understand that I am not asking for individuals to change their political beliefs or to agree with everything. We are all stubborn a**holes who don’t want to change how we think. Just give the podcast a bit of your time if you want some hard facts with great context for what is going on and why. Cheers.





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