The MSM will NEVER Let Trump Win the Response Game

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by Mark Angelides

Regardless of your opinions on how effective or timely President Trump’s response to the shocking events in Charlottesville, VA, it can’t have escaped your attention that the MSM is now firmly targeted as one in kicking down Trump on his responses. It seems he can’t catch a break on this, and that is likely the point of the concerted operation taking place.
Firstly he was criticized for not getting a statement out fast enough to condemn the (we assume) murder of a young woman and the violence surrounding it. Many were quick to jump in and make their statement (and apparently as much political capital as possible). Now correct me if I’m wrong on this, but during the campaign, wasn’t Candidate Trump widely lambasted by the media for naming a terrorist attack “a terrorist attack” before all the information had been gathered? In fact, even Candidate Clinton ended up having an interview on a plane about this very thing.
So on the one hand, he is damned if he makes a statement before all the facts are known and investigated, and on the other, if he waits, he clearly supports White Supremacist Terror!
And then comes the “middle time” response, which is what happened with Charlottesville. He waited until the information was clearer and then made a statement. This time, the statement was apparently not good enough in its level of condemnation.
Trump said he condemned, “in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. On many sides.” Which is pretty clear. After all, racism is a form of bigotry, no? But this was not enough for the vultures lurking in the pit of righteous indignation. They want him to stamp and shout about racists in America and they want him to bring Hell and Fury to White Supremacists. But why?
Is there anyone who really doesn’t understand that racism is a bad thing? Do we need constant reassurances that the man in the White House doesn’t actually hate non-white folk? Of course we don’t. If we did, then such things would need be given on a regular basis by everyone, but they don’t!
The reason the media want these statements and disavowal from Trump, is because it ASSOCIATES him with the groups he disavows. They want him to be constantly denying his association because that CREATES association. It is a trick and a con.
The media are running their same old games, it’s not new, it’s not clever, but unfortunately, it is effective.

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2 thoughts on “The MSM will NEVER Let Trump Win the Response Game”

  1. Trump doesn’t mention KKK by name.
    Media: This proves Trump is racist!
    Trump mentions KKK by name.
    Media: This proves Trump is racist!
    Trump has DOJ investigate KKK.
    Media: This is just to cover up the fact that Trump is racist!
    Trump personally strangles KKK members on White House lawn.
    Media: Trump has other people kill Blacks because he’s racist!


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