The New American Dream

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by FartfullyYours

40 years of increasing oligarchy have gotten us to this level of debt slavery.

  • 1. (Age 5-18): Spend 12 years in public school becoming indoctrinated in the “benefits” of the police state and ubiquitous surveillance.
  • 2. (Age 18-22) Spend 4 years and $50k-100k earning the necessary college degree required to make a decent salary.
  • 3. (Age 22-30): Enter the workforce and spend the next 5-10 years paying off your student loans. During this time you will also be required to pay your rent and possibly a car loan. Saving is not option here.
  • 4. (Age 30-50): Pay off student loans. Buy a house and incur $100k-250k debt to be paid off over the next 20-30 years. During this period, you’ll also be expected to give any excess income to Wall Street under the guise of retirement preparation. Hopefully, you didn’t make a career choice in an industry that allows wage suppression via outsourcing, AI, or H1B visa abuse.
  • 5. (Age 50-65): Assuming that you didn’t have to take too many HELOCs, pay off your home loan. Now that you don’t have any mortgage debt, you are expected to put this money and all additional excess income into Wall Street via your retirement savings. Hopefully, you will stay in good health, since any major illness can bankrupt you with medical expenses. BTW, at this point, the medical industry is owned by Wall Street, too.
  • 6. (Age 65-80): You made it. After spending a lifetime of paying Wall Street in one form or another, you may have saved enough to retire. Hopefully, Wall Street didn’t lose your savings in yet another bubble collapse. Of course, you dont want to start spending extravagantly because high medical expenses are inevitable at this stage of your life. If you are fortunate, you’ll die quickly preventing the medical industry from taking your remaining assets and just, maybe, you’ll have something to pass on to your heirs.
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tldr; You spend your entire life paying the oligarchy for the privilege of living only to have them repossess it at the end. It is a great time to be a billionaire.

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Let’s not forget that the entire duration you’ll be paying ~30% of your income in income tax, on top of ~7-10% sales tax, property tax, and increased prices of goods from the corporate income tax, and not to mention inflation. Is it any wonder why people have no money saved and are living with enormous amounts of personal debt?

In the current climate, you literally work about 3-4 months a year and see no return on your work. But at least we have roads and a military capable of ending civilization as we know it right?

At least you have a choice if don’t want to invest your money in the stock market. Paying those taxes isn’t so voluntary. And if you do invest in the stock market in a 401k let’s say, and need to pull from it for a loan or emergency, expect that you’ll be taxed or penalized on that as well.

Taxation is theft.


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