Florence Still Impacting NC

by Chris

For those reading the news, you might think that Florence has come and gone.  For those in NC, Florence is still causing rivers to finally crest and make life difficult:

With muddy river water still washing over entire communities on Friday, eight days after Hurricane Florence slammed into land with nearly 3 feet of rain, new evacuation orders forced residents to flee to higher ground amid a sprawling disaster that’s beginning to feel like it will never end.

About 25 miles (40 kilometers) nearer to the South Carolina coast, Kevin Tovornik tore out carpet and removed furniture as a preventative measure because he expected flooding at the house he has owned for 20 years in Conway, where the Waccamaw River was still rising. Bridges are starting to close because of flooding, he said, and friends were struck in traffic for hours trying to cross the town of 23,000.

“This is ridiculous. This is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Tovornik said.

Road travel also was a daunting problem in Wilmington, a city of 120,000 people still mostly cut off from the rest of North Carolina. A photograph posted by the state transportation agency showed flowing water and buckled highway asphalt on one of the few passable routes into the city, where officials have distributed food and water to residents.


Interstate 95 is still closed in locations in both South and North Carolina.

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Damage costs are in the many tens of billions of dollars, but we won’t really know for sure until the waters finally recede and the costs are added up.

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As always, be alert for great deals on used cars over the next several months.  Many flooded out cars and trucks with salvage titles will be brought to neighboring states and resurrected with clean titles by unscrupulous people.

Pro tip:  If buying a used car after a big storm always check in the places that people forget to clean; up above the passenger foot area under the dashboard (run your hands along that) and under the rubber gasket in one of the doors to check for mud or signs of water/dirt getting in there.


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