The New Monetary System Will Fail Too

As most of the western world doubles down on easy money policies, one nation stands out and moves ahead with raising rates: Russia. This follows a pattern of a massive shift in power and dichotomization from west to east that can be seen both in finance and geopolitics. Even as the IMF calls for “a new Bretton Woods,” any new monetary system will likely exclude Russia and China, thus dooming that system to failure. Regardless of whether the new monetary system is tied to digital currencies or not, there is no escaping the spiral of money printing and deficits that has gripped most of the world, and so a disorderly collapse is likely. These topics and more are discussed in this episode of The Keiser Report.

Time Stamps
00:00 Why is the Bank of Russia raising rates?
05:07 A new Bretton Woods and a new monetary system Coming
08:36 Is China becoming the new world power?
11:39 Is Switzerland experimenting with a digital currency?

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