The new normal means zero Covid. We will never be free again…

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by Chris Black

Japan Today:

New Zealand recorded its first locally transmitted case of COVID-19 in six months on Tuesday, sparking efforts to trace the origins of the infection as officials pondered a response.

The health department said the case, a 58-year-old man who has not been vaccinated, was identified in Auckland, the country’s largest city, adding “a link between the case and the border or managed isolation is yet to be established”.

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Auckland would go into a seven-day lockdown from midnight Tuesday and the rest of the country for one week. It is New Zealand’s first community case since Feb 28.


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This is coming in Europe and the US this fall/winter. There is no reason they would be testing it in Australia and New Zealand if they weren’t planning to do it here.

You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy:


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