Are You Not Entertained? Uncle Biden Talks Afghanistan Withdrawal to American People, Says Mission was a Success

by Chris Black

Uncle Joe’s speech from last night was pretty based. We must celebrate this speech, as we’re watching the collapse of the evil empire in real time:

He correctly said that the US spending 20 years in Afghanistan cannot be defended anymore (no more resources maybe?), as we’re not nation builders, and Al Qaeda has been defeated, Colonel Usama Bin Laden is dead and all that.

 Okay, now do Iraq and Syria if you’re being serious. 

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Obviously, the Republicans found a way to lose on this by sticking to wildly unpopular policy decisions, criticizing Uncle Joe for withdrawing from Afghanistan. They also blocked Trump’s infrastructure bill only to vote for Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

The occupation in Afghanistan was not a military  mission, but a social engineering project looking to install a total anal democracy run by women. After giving the deranged speech, Joe immediately returned to his vacation.

Real men look like the Taliban.  I bet you don’t find any of them thinking about reassignment surgery. 


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