The next bubble is obviously the startup/gig economy bubble amirite?

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by TheWorstTroll

What do Uber, Lyft, WeWork, Doordash, and just about every other too good to be true bullshit company have in common? They don’t make any fucking money!

There is like, a shitload of billions of dollars wrapped up into these companies that have zero endgame. They fooled a bunch of rich pricks into thinking they could have a market corner, when in reality, its basically just making them pay for a bunch of drunk college kids to get a ride home or have a couple extra bucks to spend on beer.

The heist of the decade, obviously.

When the money runs out, and it will, its going to be like the dot com bubble times a thousand. Not only will all these companies fail and take their jobs with them, all the people who relied on the services to live their lives and allow them to go out drinking without getting a DUI are going to have the rug pulled out from them.

When that happens, its gonna be pretty depressing. It’s going to be like living in 1995 again. Total horseshit. Time travel.

All we need to do is figure out when the first bullshit company will drop. Once that one goes, the entire model will come into question, and they all will drop.

Oh and all this self driving car shit is going to go away too. They aren’t going to figure it out and people are too bullheaded and stupid to trust it.


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