The Next phase pf political censorship: Youtube’s age restriction and demonetization

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For those of you that don’t watch videos posted to GLP:

It works like this, Youtube’s AI decides what topics must be age restricted and puts those videos into a certain class that cannot be shared on third party websites.

YouTube’s AI decides that these videos cannot be used for profit or payment effectively denying the creators money they would have received for the views their videos get, effectively preventing them from being able to afford producing more videos.

YouTube’s AI decides through algorithms what political speech is acceptable and allowed based upon the subject matter discussed by words it recognizes.

YouTube’s AI is not random but is only used to specifically target certain individuals whose political content is targeted for censorship based upon their political messages, I.E. Prager U, Stefan Molyneux or anything from major Q channels.

You can have a channel that attack Trump and calls for his impeachment posting thirty profanity laced lie based vitriol every day and nothing will happen to you, but say one thing praising Trump that irks the YouTube censors and an AI will be locked on to your channel permanently.

We are approaching a new age of targeted digital censorship.



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