The plans of the Establishment Elites to set up anti democratic one world government ruled by the Establishment Elites

Carroll Quigley wrote up the plans by the Establishment elites to institute anti democratic one world government ruled by a cabal of banking and Corporate elites.
His book was called Tragedy and Hope – maybe you should try reading it?
Carroll Quigley was a professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Bill Clinton said he was a great influence on him in his acceptance speech at the 1992 DNC convention.
Carroll Quigley and the ‘International Bankers’ – Bill Clinton’s Mentor Exposes the Conspirators
Now how would the Establishment financial elites in America and Europe persuade the ordinary people to willingly give up their democracy for a totalitarian ruling elite?

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Why the same way the Germans gave up their democracy to Adolf Hitler in 1933 – pay for some violent agitators, persuade ordinary people that their biggest enemy is not the ruling elites but a foreign enemy who is quite unlike them, engineer a massive financial and economic collapse, destroy the savings, pensions and prospects of ordinary people like the hyperinflation in the 1923 Weimar Republic and the Western financial collapse in 1929 to 1932.
The Establishment politicians work for their Corporate sponsors and are easily bribed. They definitely do not work for you or even their own country.

The people and institutions with the most money are:- a) the big banks b) mega multinationals c) Oligarchs like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Koch brothers and Paul Singer.
The first, second and third priority of an “elected” politician is to get re-elected and to get as big a payoff when they leave public office as they can possibly get. That means they have to attract Oligarch billionaire donors and sponsors, and attract favorable coverage by the Oligarch owned and controlled Corporate media.
It is undoubtedly true that wealth and power has been increasingly transferred from the Middle Class and ordinary people to the elites in the top 0.001% since Nixon took the U.S off the Gold Standard in 1971, the increasing “financialization” of the U.S. and European economies since the mid 1980’s, the monopolization of the banking industry and the centralization of power to an increasingly undemocratic elite in Washington DC and Brussels.


15 thoughts on “The plans of the Establishment Elites to set up anti democratic one world government ruled by the Establishment Elites”

  1. I sure wish this was fiction. Unfortunately it is right on lead and controlled by Satan who uses these scum bag puppets! Git ready for the economic collapse, WWIII and the comin of the Beast and his 42 month rule of the NWO!

    • The elites, now own 95% of the world’s wealth. They want a world population reduction of 90%, a one world totalitarian govt, a one world church that pope Francis is eager to embrace all, and a fiat digital currency to bring in the mark. This evil against humanity can only be driven by the powerful supernatural force of Satan. Remember friend, God chose us from the beginning to live this remarkable time for His honor and glory forever. Keep warning others to wake up, prepare spiritually and follow Jesus, the way, the truth, and the ever lasting life.

      • Unfortunately we are in agreement. THEY want WWIII. Wipe clean the ME and rebuild Jerusalem and make it the center for world gov, finance and rebuild da Temple for Satans Beast’s 42 month rule of their NWO with Islam as the forced religion of

        • Look at the house of Rothshit, Rothschild. Soro’s is great at destabilizing countries, and will never run out of money as he is a Rothschild agent. Rothschild’s are know satanist, and own the world’s central banks and our federal reserve. Rothschild family are worth trillions. Our federal reserve causes all the high inflation throughout our lifetime, devalues our dollar to 5 cents, and they come up with all the debt scams. The 0.01 % rich that own this world get those fiat paper dollars smeared in ink occult symbols with tiny to no interest, then buy up the world’s resources, best real estate, build their corporations, and empires, all with fiat magic money. Read online current article Israel’s Dirty Little Secret”, and veterans today article “Madam Guillotine”. One house hides behind Rothschild who works for them. Hint they own the biggest bank in German who’s in financial trouble. This house sets in the city of 7 hills. The Vatican is the richest house on earth, so rich they alone could end world poverty if Holy. Our last pope, Francis with his communist totalitarian world views and his willingness to embrace all sin and religions, wearing his purple and scarlet robes will ride this globalist beast. Putin started a Christian revival over ten years ago in Russia . Putin knows who he is fighting, and is helping to save Russian souls. Google photos Putin in church. It looks sincere. My husband and I are born again Christian ‘s , our church is living water, and we study to show ourselfs approved, we are not not luke warm. God moved us out of the small city, and into a wonderful rural home 4 years ago. We work hard preparing for family members who will try to get here. I know I can’t feed the small community and I would pray and cry to God. Two years ago God online showed me a trekker, from Noah’s water. It’s water purification system the missionaries take to Africa to purify the river water. 1 gal of clean water per minute. I can’t feed 1,500 people in this community but God made sure I can water them. Starvation isn’t painful water borne illness horrible suffering. A few months after buying the trekker I heard God say “my hand is on your house”. My family will live and die for God and Jesus, and we find it a privilege. One more read you may want to check out veterans today article the hidden history of the evil khazarian mafia, parts 1 &2. Seems we are going full circle, Washington DC the revised Roman Empire, to the bankers, money changers Jesus fought in the temple. We interpret scriptures with Greek. We believe in a rapture but not a early rapture, a late rapture before all the nukes go off. It’s always good meeting another son of God and we will hug someday soon in the House of God. Soro’s agenda 2024 is a preset timeline and govt site deagel shows America’s population reduced to 68 million by 2024. I’m 66 and I’ve spent my life watching the American I love turn into a toilet. Very sad. If our country had only stayed strong Christian, strong morals, righteous. Betty

          • Agree with ALL except Putin. I definitely want Trump to work with him. However if he was real he or Bibi would have released ALL the dirt they have on Clinton and Obama and even the JFK assassination. That would bring down the Globalist Bankster scum in a NY minute.
            However Putin’s familia supposedly has 4 to 40 Billion and 10 out of the original 14 Russian Oligarchs with their City of London connections, still control the majority of the wealth of the Russian people.
            I support Trump 100% to the end. However I believe he has a 80/20 chance of being Controlled Opposition placed by the same scum who are attackin him. Dat’s what THEY do, OWN both sides, just like THEY own the Donkey and the RePug!

          • I voted for Trump but agree he is controlled opposition, we were getting too restless, so Trump will give us some small victories. My husband doesn’t vote and he showed me a older photo of Trump dressed as a knight of Malta. George Soro’s is a knight of Malta. My husband thinks Trump could be a false German Jew. I suspect there is a force of good God will use and I don’t know who it could be but Putin. I’ve read over 10 years ago he traveled to Russia’s most holy site to fast and pray . On the sixth day Putin had a conversion. This NWO are the same families who killed 60 million Russian’s during the revolution, and the czar’s entire family died. Putin has vowed they will never invade Russian soil again. One thing for certain it’s coming, and quickly. The good news we know how the greatest story ever told ends. If you google I believe all of Trumps married children are married to Jews, and daughter Tiffany’s boy friend during the campaign was a Jew. Stay close to God and keep trying to wake others up.

          • Haven’t heard the Knight of Malta thing with Trump. You know about Chelsea and her husband? She married an investment bankster too, who’s dad went to prison for security fraud also. Al Gore’s daughter married Jacob Schiff’s grandson who financed Leon Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Ya can’t make this stuff up! I gotta git ot to the cows. I’ll write more tonight.

          • I know Chelsea married at George Soro’s estate. That is very interesting about that temple. I do remember obamma giving that speech in a inappropriate place. Ivanka’s husband Jared his father spent a couple years in prison also. What a bunch of criminals we have running the country. Shocking for sure.

          • Seriously, The Temple of Zeus is real as well as the Pillar of Victoria. I just wonder if there was Satanic connections with Queen Victoria! The British Empire ruled 1/4th of the people in the world under her.
            Also insure you are familiar with Podesta’s Spirit Cooking and his code words which imply Pedophilia (Hot Dogs, Pizza, Cheese, Pasta, Walnuts and others). WikiLeaks hasn’t been wrong yet and it’s right there. I believe Satan uses Pedophiles to rule DC!

          • I don’t git into the Jew/Gentile thing, Rockefeller/Rothschild, THEY ALL worship the Golden Calf and hate G-d and ALL that is good. That’s why THEY love Islam and hate real Christians!

        • They won’t rebuild the temple but remodel the mosque is our guess. Have you noticed how Satan is making so many insane? Dumb and insane. It’s picking up speed and sometimes you can almost feel the evil growing.

          • Revelation 11:1-3, The Temple is rebuilt and the outer courtyard is defied. Whether the Dome of the Rock or THEY actually move the Temple of Zeus their I do NOT know. You know about the TEmple of Zeuz and Hitler’s/Stalin’s ad Obama’s fascination with it and also the pillar of Victoria?
            Satanic Forces are definitely at work!

          • Explain to me please, I don’t think I know about the temple of Zeus or pillar of Victoria. Sounds interesting. First time I saw oebola candidate for president, every hair on my arms stood up and I’ve been totally revulsed by him.

          • It’s called the Temple of Satan in Revelation where Jesus says My friend Polonius(SP) was martyred. It was moved to Berlin in the late 1800s from Turkey and Hitler used to meditate there. After WWII Stalin moved it to Moscow where he meditated there. One of the first things Yeltsin did after becoming President of Russia was to move it back to Berlin. He said it was too Evil to stay in Mother Russia.
            Obama accepted his nomination for President in front of a mock up of the Temple of Zeus.
            Victoria was the charioteer for Zeus.
            .When the Reichstag burnt down one of the statutes on top the building was Victoria. Hitler put it on a Pedestal and gave his NWO speeches in front of it. It is half a mile away from the Temple of Zeus and faces it. That’s where Obama gave his first speech in Europe there also. Some say instead of goin to Landstuhl Army Hospital he went to the Temple of Zeus. That’s just speculation.
            Also look into ALL the NWO puppets/entertainer who are into Kabalism(SP) . I believe it is an effront to G-d and twisting the Torah towards Satan. Don’t know enough to say for sure.
            Look into Podesta Emails and Spirit cooking, hot dogs, pizza, pasta, cheese, walnuts and others. I believe DC is full of Satanic Pedophiles!

      • The good news is Jesus Christ will then return with ALL those who were beheaded for refusing to renounce Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and take the mark of the Beast!


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