The Plot Thickens! 2 More HSBC Bank Rumors The Mainstream Media Won’t Report!

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by Jason Burack from Wall St For Main St

2 more HSBC Bank rumors have become public (that the American mainstream media won’t report on) courtesy of China’s state run Global Times.

HSBC at a crossroads as Huawei issue remains, Hong Kong unrest continues…

Has Ping An Insurance… been ordered by the Chinese government to attempt a full hostile takeover of HSBC Bank or will the Chinese government put HSBC Bank on a government blacklist banning the bank from operating in mainland China?

If the latter one happens, HSBC Bank could be in danger of collapsing as about 80 percent of HSBC’s earnings come from Asia, and Hong Kong alone provides the bank with about half of its pretax profits, according to a Bloomberg report.

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