The problem with Omicron is even when you’re not ‘sick’ anymore your body is still rebuilding millions of cells for weeks and weeks….

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So you’re tired all the time…

Gotta rest really to recover fully even AFTER the virus is long gone…

You gotta sleep, that’s when your body rebuilds.

I don’t think I’ve spent so much time just chilling in bed in my life honestly.

All those cells exploding during virus replication takes its toll on you…

This is why you’re seeing massive worker shortages right now..

Way worse than before.

I had that shit a few weeks ago, virus is long gone but I’m still hella tired.

No way I could go work an 8 hour a day job right now.

I’m still spending most of my time in bed just ‘resting’, ‘recovering’…

Everyday I’m getting a little more energy back but it’s a slow road to recovery from this shit.

Been taking NAC on the back end recovery to help rebuild my cells…

What a pain in the ass.

There’s a war going on in your body when you get this shit.

It’s different, strange, and debilitating for a month at least from start to finish it seems.

January is going to be BAD out there in the world….

Really bad I think.

All workers are going to be GONE!


I thought I hadn’t lost my sense of taste or smell but turns out it was just ‘muted’ and I didn’t notice it UNTILL I ate some HOT salsa and chips the other night…

I couldn’t feel the burn AT ALL, salsa hardly had any taste…

Really strange…. I didn’t notice it before that. Food still has some taste but HOT / SPICY stuff, hardly anything.

After I ate it I sort of felt a little burn on my tongue but NOTHING like it should have been…

So weird.



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