‘The Real Housewives of Politics’ – Another lame leftist social engineering agenda

The left are trying to redefine the occupation of ‘housewife’. According to them, no longer is it a full time occupation but another empty and meaningless existence. I don’t follow the ‘Real Housewives’ series but from what I’ve garnered – it’s a bunch of mentally unstable, narcissistic women who fiddle away their empty lives with alcohol, botox injections and toxic “friendships”.

“Greg Gutfeld and his guests discuss the Working Families Party’s plan to organize ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise and its fans on ‘Gutfeld!’

Again, as usual, the left is so out of touch and trying to redefine the sensible role of a housewife (home economist, caretaker, homemaker) with some sort of clown-world identity.

There’s really nothing political about being a housewife. It’s about meeting the most basic necessities of life.  The premise is really simple:

-Everyone needs to eat.
-Hygiene is important to good health.
-A house requires maintenance and upkeep to function efficiently and sustainably.

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That’s the basics of being a housewife. The magic is transforming a house into a home – creating a refuge of peace, prosperity, love and happy memories. That’s where the ‘soul’ of being a housewife comes in.

Now, with our current economy, it’s more challenging to meet our household needs. Inflation. Food prices are outrageous. Energy costs are rising. Winter is coming. I knew the shitshow puppet Biden administration was going to usher in tough economic times so I planned the best I could. I expanded my gardens this year, preserved more food, stocked up my freezers and pantries to brace our home for the upcoming collapse.


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