The real reason Japan avoided the pandemic

by Logman64

I’ve lived in Japan for 23 years. I was going to write this as a comment to another thread but I feel the information is too important. I’ve seen this discussed in many places but the real reason Japan seems almost immune to Covid is always missed. Take this article from the Guardian for example.

That Guardian article is full of misinformation. The health system here has never been strained. In the city I live there are 200,000 people and about 14,000 hospitals, lol. I exaggerate but there are a ton of hospitals. And there is only ONE hospital that will accept Covid patients, of which there has been NONE in 20 months.

People often ask how did Japan seem to avoid the epidemic. Look at the numbers – hardly any deaths. We had NO lockdowns, hardly any disruption to life.

In March 2020 the school year ended 3 weeks early and schools were shut. I’m a teacher employed by the city hall so all us English teachers spent 6 weeks shooting the shit at city hall. In April of this year schools were a bit late opening for the new year, about 2 weeks IIRC. That was it for school closures.

At certain times we’ve had a “State Of Emergency”. One here just ended end of September and lasted a month. During this time restaurants and bars were asked to close at 8 pm. Being a compliant society 95% did just that, even though there were no fines for breaking this “request”. In some prefectures, they did pass some laws that enabled them to issue fines to businesses that did comply. Apart from that life was normal. Everything open. I just couldn’t go to my favorite bar to play darts for a month, big deal. Sucked for them though. But they also got some compensation. My gym, like all gyms, has remained open and hasn’t closed once. It’s half as busy as it was pre-covid though.

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So why has Japan avoided all the death?

Let’s first dispel a myth. It’s all about the masks. It’s true that people wear masks more often here. Quite often I’d turn up to school in January or February and the whole class would be masked up. Due to an outbreak of influenza. And if you are sick you are expected to wear a mask if you are ill. That’s Japan for you. But people don’t wear them for no reason. I remember a trip to the mall last August, in 2020. I thought I’d conduct a super-scientific social experiment. I counted every person that walked past me and counted how many were wearing masks. It was 4 in 10, just 40%. It took until about January to see 100% masking up. And it is 100% now. Or 99.95%. But it took that long.

The other myth is the prescription of Ivermectin. Don’t get me wrong, I think all the data shows IVM and even HCQ and many other things can treat Covid, but Japan hasn’t been using it. At least as a matter of policy. I wouldn’t be surprised if some doctors prescribed it but generally everyone just toes the line here. There is no dissent from any societal paradigms. So if the government doesn’t say “treat covid with Ivermectin” then I doubt many would.

A full year of circulating virus, no lockdown, no 100% maskiness and no treatment protocols like IVM or HCQ. And yet, no pandemic. So why? Two reasons, and no, it’s not due to Japanese super-genes.

  1. There was NO testing. For over a year it was almost impossible to get a test. You’d have to be ill with Covid symptoms bad enough to need hospitalization. Then you could get a test. No mass testing and what do you know? No virus. Anywhere. Admittedly it’s been easier to get tests as time went on but still, there was no “test” mentality or environment. My son had an “outbreak” at his school. Someone tested positive, then they tested the whole school and 14 positives turned up. Some family members also tested positive. I had to take 2 weeks off school, all paid. My wife too, she didn’t get paid, that sucked. Oh, out of all the “positives” every single one was asymptomatic. Not even a sniffle. LOL, some virus.
  2. This testing mentality permeated all levels of society, even the health care system. Now are you starting to understand? We had very little of this “Died with covid” nonsense. The criteria for a Covid “death” was dying with bilateral pneumonia and a positive test. You know, the original expression of the disease before it could kill you from anything from a brain aneurysm to a heart attack. If you died in a car wreck or of cancer, you weren’t tested for covid. Why would you be?

We haven’t been immune to the epidemic of fear spread by the media. Japanese media play that game too. But it seems the whole Japanese system has yet to be fully “captured”. The reason Japan escaped this plague is due to the policy of testing, nothing more, nothing less.

Now you see how a pandemic can be manufactured. With a dodgy PCR test that gives 95% false positives and a system that drives society to subject itself to said tests regularly. And categorize death on a faulty PCR test that gives 95% false positives (maybe even 99%). Japan proves it. Case closed.


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