The reason why this House Impeachment will never go to the Senate

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by Eustace Muffins

This was never planned to ever go to the Senate. This was solely to put it on record that Trump has been impeached by the House(which does hold some weight).

In doing this desperate impeachment process by the House, The Dems now have their only weapon. A political weapon, that is infinitely malleable and simultaneously a political beacon that is twofold.

Primarily this will used to prevent Trump from re-appointing a new supreme court judge. This is all about Ginsberg and her health.

Lastly, this political smearing beacon will be thrown around in every media outlet and pushed with a spinned narrative that this Trump cannot be reelected since he was impeached. Which is not true.

In fact , being impeached by the house does not prevent the President from doing any of his able duties as a president.

But this house impeachment will be spinned into it’s own malleable monster for the supposed free press.

Disclaimer: this is just a hypothesis of mine. Feel free debunking me if you can. Or insult me.



Mark my words, Pelosi will brand the Republican Senate as untrustworthy, to conduct a fair investigation.

This will not go to the Senate. And it’s not because of the Senate being untrustworthy. The Dems know they do not have the evidence. This malleable impeachment beacon is all they cherished for.


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