The Return of the Travel Ban and the Irresponsible Reporting on it

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by Robert Carbery

Let the extreme vetting commence.
The Supreme Court has decided to allow the Trump administration to move forward with a more limited version of his travel ban for now. President Trump has been handed a tentative victory during his young presidency as he continues his fight against the open borders left.
The justices will hear full arguments on the merits of the case in October, giving us plenty of time to prepare for this monumental decision to come. While we wait, the court said Monday that Trump’s ban on visitors from six Muslim majority countries that the Obama administration labeled as dangerous countries riddled with terrorists can be enforced as long as those visitors lack a “credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”
Justice Clarence Thomas was joined by Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch in saying that the government will likely succeed in this case, pointing to the obvious national security issues. These three also wanted the full travel ban to take effect immediately.
Noted legal scholar Jonathan Turley wrote an opinion piece in The Hill about how Monday’s move by the Supreme Court requires the mainstream media and its legal experts to check itself.
“At times the analysis surrounding the immigration order seemed to drop any pretense of objectivity and took on the character of open Trump bashing,” wrote Turley. Trump Derangement Syndrome has run rampant among our legal professionals and judges. It spans industries and can penetrate even the most brilliant minds. These poor souls constantly take Trump way too literally and conflate a tweet with a policy directive.
Later on in the article, Turley wrote, “Trump’s attacks on the media as biased may not have been true at the outset but they are true now. Mainstream media have become openly hostile to Trump.” They actually have been attacking him from the onset. But they have certainly ratcheted up the rhetoric since he has become president and a threat to their very way of life.
As the ratings exploded with the insertion of Trump bashing into cable news shows, hosts and scholars have been throwing out opinions as opposed to digging down into or debating the facts. Legal arguments do not matter. The characters matter. And Trump is the ultimate antagonist who must be stopped at once!
The media has tossed aside any semblance of objectivity and have done all they can to work up the hate against the Trump administration. But fighting supposed hate with further anger only weakens one’s cause and damages the argument. If they even had one to begin with.
Turley concluded:
“The Supreme Court’s stay should cause an examination of more than the lower court decisions. It should concentrate minds in both the courts and the media on the loss of objectivity in analysis over the ‘immigration ban.’ There seemed an inability to separate the policy from the personality in this controversy. That is a serious problem for both institutions. Injunctions come and go. Yet, integrity and objectivity are things that, once lost, are hard to regain.”
The Trump administration is on its way to a slam dunk victory with this case come October, especially given the current makeup of the Supreme Court now post-Gorsuch. The left needs to settle down over any harm that could be done. The courts will keep the Trump administration in check. And in this case, the highest court is going to allow him the power to do what he is already allowed to do.

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  1. And after the Project Veritas videos released today, the media is sunk. Trump getting a big victory here.

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