Am I Paranoid, Or does This Sound Like A Terrorist Front Active in the USA?

by Mark Angelides

A former Youth Development Center (Kid prison) has been bought by an organization that may has all the hallmarks of a front operation. The 143 acre site in Pennsylvania, Lawrence County has had an offer of $400.000 accepted and the County is just waiting on payment. There are a lot of questions that need to be asked, and the problem is that no one other than residents seems particularly interested.
The land is being bought by a company called Hira Educational Services of North America (HESNA). They are an organization that in their own words:
Mission: To provide the most professional and best consultancy services to Islamic schools throughout North America so that they could secure funds to dispense important services.
Objectives: To understand the needs of the school education and to help secure erate funds related to infrastructural development.
According to information from D and B Business Directory, the company is based in Newark, employs 1 person (Asif Kunwar, founder and President), and has an annual turnover of $41 million. The address listed for both the business and personal address on a form for a USAC application is the same (so does Asif live at the office?).
The website is about as basic as you can get, which is strange seeing as they claim to be about providing “erate funds” which is telecommunications, phones etc…The Facebook page is completely empty, the Instagram and Twitter links lead you directly back to their own contact page.
From the USAC application, a large amount of HESNA’s “consorti” is with the Al-Amal School in Minnesota, who have hosted Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who believes that the US Constitution is inferior to Shariah Law. Here’s one of my favourite quotes from the Imam:
“Help your Muslim brother if he’s oppressed or if he’s the oppressor. Help them. Now let me tell you what I suggest we do. Are you ready? Some are not going to like it. Some Muslim’s heart going to be weak, and they’re not ready for what I’m going to say. And they may publicize it in the Times, you may see it tomorrow in the newspaper. But I’m telling you what I’m saying that we ought to do. We ought to declare jihad.”
So am I paranoid? Is this just a telecommunications company buying a nice piece of land? Or is this a slush fund for Islamic Radicalism? Is it a money laundering operation that is funneling cash to Islamic Extremists on one hand, and promoting hatred and violence in Islamic schools around the country?
Or even worse, could it be a government front operation for Islamic terror as part of a long term strategy?
What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section if you have heard of any of these people or places, and even what your theory is.

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2 thoughts on “Am I Paranoid, Or does This Sound Like A Terrorist Front Active in the USA?”

  1. “Or even worse, could it be a government front operation for Islamic terror as part of a long term strategy?”- This is the most likely scenario, because with BILLIONS in budgets of multiple agencies it’s hard to image that ordinary people doing this for FREE have figured it out, and they didn’t.


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