The Russia-Ukraine Situation is Beyond Clown World

by Chris Black

I don’t trust western media whatsoever. They have been comically anti-Russian for as long as I remember, and to tell you the truth, I don’t have access to any reliable sources from the other side either.

Until I’m convinced otherwise I’ll just revert to my default position on everything – this is another gay CIA psyop smoke and mirrors type of deal.

One thing I know is the global markets are tanking at the fear of war.

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And the real money is made in bear markets.

However, in the interest of providing you all with balanced coverage, a blogger I highly respect is convinced that the Russians will not invade Ukraine and this is all bullshit being cooked up by CIA propagandists so that when the Russians fail to invade (because they weren’t planning to anyway), that this can be spun as some big foreign policy win for Biden to distract from the shitshow that has been the first year of his presidency.

Read his post here:



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