CNN Accidentally Claims That Parts of the Ukraine Belong to Russia

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by Chris Black

This CNN clip made my day.

I actually agree with that, but I don’t think CNN agrees with that.

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Here’s the deal: Ukraine, or to be more precise, the Ukraine, means The Borderlands, and it was an administrative region of CCCP/USSR. Kharkiv was a part of the Russian Empire since the 15th century and the rest of the Ukraine has been a part of Russia since the early 18th century, i.e. for 300 years give or take.

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Eastern Ukraine is ethnically and linguistically Russian, and since the Maidan coup from 2014, aka the State Department revolution, the new Ukrainian government has been waging a literal war of terror against the Eastern part of the Ukraine, with state-backed neo-Nazi terrorist groups being armed and trained directly by Israel and clandestinely by the United States and the EU.

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Basically, Ukraine was never a nation state before 1991.


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