The Stop violence School Act passed in the congress yesterday

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Today the House took major steps toward securing our schools by passing the STOP School Violence Act. We must put the safety of America’s children FIRST by improving training and by giving schools and law enforcement better tools. A tragedy like Parkland can’t happen ever again!
House passes school gun violence bill, one month after Florida school shooting

The House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill to prevent gun violence in schools, though Republican leaders of the GOP-controlled chamber made clear earlier in the day that they have no plans to impose any gun bans.

The unofficial vote on the STOP School Violence Act was 407 to 10.

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“We believe the best way is to focus on stopping people who should not be getting any guns from getting guns in the first place,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said ahead of the vote and as students across the county emptied their classrooms to protest gun violence.
The National School Walkout lasted 17 minutes, one for each person killed exactly one month ago in a massacre at a Parkland, Florida, high school.
“I used to tell my community and my officers that I don’t want to be the best first-responder to a mass-casualty event. I want to prevent that event before it occurs. And that’s what (this bill) will do,” Florida Rep. John Rutherford, a former sheriff who sponsored the STOP bill, said Wednesday.
Not much information about what’s actually in the bill though.
The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauded on Wednesday the passage of H.R. 4909, the “STOP School Violence Act of 2018.” This bi-partisan legislation provides funding for training students, teachers, school administrators and local law enforcement to identify early warning signs that a person is a threat to themselves or others. The bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives on a vote of 407-10.
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6 thoughts on “The Stop violence School Act passed in the congress yesterday

  1. When someone submits a STOP FALSE FLAGS IN SCHOOLS bill then they are on the right track to solving the problem. The imaginary violence in schools will go away when the false flags do.

  2. Why are we passing bills in response to an incident that hasn’t even been investigated yet? They are trying to make it look like they are solving a problem when they don’t even know what the problem is. Let’s pass a bill, that oughta help! Spend more money to address a problem that has not been officially determined what the cause is. Just because CNN reported it is all that is needed to take action on it. Complete bullshit!

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