The Striking Similarities Between SJWs and Evangelicals

by Daniel Carter

Over the past several years, the Social Justice Warrior movement has swelled to become a formidable beast in the US. Anyone who does not follow their strict doctrine is lambasted with terms such as “fascist”, “racist”, “mansplainer“, “deplorable” and an abundance of other dehumanizing insults. SJWs have corrupted academia, the media and politics. However, this isn’t the first time America has had to deal with such a corrosive ideology.

The wave of Evangelicals that came during the last part of last century was (and still partially is) extremely similar to the SJW movement. Just to be clear, being a believer of Christianity doesn’t make you an Evangelical; just as believing in justice doesn’t make you a Social Justice Warrior. These two groups specifically represent the extremes of our society and are dominated by puritanical thinking and authoritarianism. Below are the most striking similarities between these two troublesome groups.

Campaigning Against “Offensive” Video Games

Since 1976, when a game called “Death Race” was released, outraged people have been trying to censor, ban or stir up moral panics over video games. Video games can be sensational pieces of art, which is often representative of human nature; good and evil. SJWs and Evangelicals bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the evil aspect of human nature because their narrow ideologies tell them how humans should be rather than how they truly are. Because these groups are authoritarian, they require you to bury your head as well.

Evangelicals have a lengthy history of going after video games they deem offensive. One of their most influential activists is Jack Thompson, a disbarred attorney and member of the Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church. Thompson believes that video games cause violence and other moral degradation in our society. He has made a career as an anti-video-game activist by going after video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Manhunt, Mortal Kombat and Doom.

Thompson is not the only activist drumming up moral panic over Doom. Social Justice Warrior, Anita Sarkeesian, also believes that violent video games are immoral. Sarkeesian is an outspoken feminist and founder of the website Feminist Frequency. Here’s a tweet from Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency regarding the game Doom:

Thompson and Sarkeesian are such ideological puritans that they must dictate to the rest of the world what video games are and are not acceptable.

Banning Books

Evangelicals and SJWs are often triggered by books as well. The idiotic ritual of book burning goes back thousands of years. But now, instead of using fire, the feeble-minded and morally outraged sustain the tradition by banning books from schools, bookstores and websites.

As I eluded to above, the Evangelicals were an incredibly formidable force during the end of last century. Once upon a time, conservative Evangelicals were much greater threats to freedom of speech (and press), and liberals were much truer to the root of their name (liberty). Look at this headline from a Los Angeles Times article published in 1993:

Evangelicals went after The Color Purple because it contained bad language. Well, now Social Justice Warriors are banning books for the same reason. Check out some of these recent headlines involving SJWs:

The SJW left and Evangelical right have no problem censoring entire books for the sake of not being offended.

Indoctrinating Children

If they are willing to ban video games and books to shape the world as they see fit, they are certainly willing to indoctrinate your children. Manipulating the belief systems of children has been a favorite tactic of authoritarians for ages. The most notable examples would be Hitler’s Youth and Mao’s Red Guard. It looks like SJWs and Evangelicals have learned a thing or two from those instances.

For as long as the US has existed, the uber-religious have been trying to insert their ideas into schools. It has been tough for them to succeed in the face of the US law of Separation of Church and State. However, they have had their victories. Even in recent years, Christian teachers have attempted to slip their religion into school curriculum. However, we are a long way from the Scopes Trial of 1925, where a substitute teacher was charged for teaching human evolution.

These days, most of the indoctrination is coming from the Social Justice Warriors. Just look at this headline to get an idea of the SJW agenda:

Lindsay Shepherd, who garnered attention for standing up to SJW faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University, knows all too well about SJW indoctrination. Look at this tweet from Lindsay describing what is being taught to her young sister at school:

This should be highly concerning to our society, because in this age of rapid technological expansion, we need the next generation to be intelligent and critically thinking.

Rejecting Science

The common thread between SJW and Evangelical teachings is the disdain for science and rationality. Therefore both movements pose a serious threat to the quality of our society. They reject truth and sow the seeds of chaos. As I said before, both groups have a problem with human nature. The discipline that studies human nature most, biology, is also what is most under attack by these groups.

For Evangelicals, biology is the enemy because it explains how humans got to this point through evolution. Evolution contradicts the story of Intelligent Design, which states that God built the universe in only six days. So, they simply turn the other way and reject one of the most important scientific theories of all time.

For SJWs, biology is the enemy because it explains genetic differences between different groups of people. This repulses SJWs because their ideology is a form of Neo-Marxism, which states that all people are the same (or should be the same). So, they can’t deal with facts such as men typically having genetics that lead to high-paying jobs, or black people often having genetics that lead them to becoming better athletes than most, or (and I’m not kidding) woman having genetics that preclude them from having a penis.

These beliefs manipulate language, distort truths and ultimately lead to a chaotic world. It is a recipe for disaster.


Although the core beliefs of puritanical, authoritarian groups are not identical, they behave in very similar ways. One thing is clear: they cannot live and let live. To gain control of your thoughts and actions, they manipulate the world by distorting essential truths. Evangelicals and SJWs are just the most recent groups to use the above tactics. Now that we know their tactics, let’s be diligent in defeating them.



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