The super high inflation is a part of the “Great Reset” agenda

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by mOfN81

Don’t believe the fraudsters that will try to sell to you that the current super high inflation that we experience all over the world (in some countries the highest since WWII!) is a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, climate change, supply chain issues or anything like this.

This is a part of the “Great Reset” agenda.

How they will make you own nothing? for a portion of the population it will be easy – those who don’t own much yet, are being priced out of ever being able to own.

How about those who already own their own house and other things, and have a certain lifestyle (that they worked very hard to achieve) etc.. ?

Well here comes in the strategy of financial terrorism – with the help of artificially made super high inflation, even those who already have some things, in the long run will have to downsize (e.g. sell..), in order to be able to keep their families fed or having a roof under their heads.

Even if you are considered a “well off” middle class family, both parents are working hard and managed to buy a house and own two cars, your children go to good schools, have decent food in your fridge and are able to crunch in a yearly vacation or two – with the “help” of inflation, even that can be taken away from you bit by bit.

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If your monthly expenses are raising constantly every month, into levels where you pay hundreds euros/dollars more without increasing your spending habits, it’s just a matter of time (sometimes even a few months!) until it will start hurting, until you will find out that suddenly from having some disposable income after all monthly expenses, you have gone into having an empty bank account in the middle of the month – and without you doing any additional spending! and all while large corporations are reporting the highest profits they have had in decades, and your government stealing your children’s future by sending tens of billions of tax payer money to fuel politician-driven wars overseas to advance their own goals and enrich their crony friends.

If we don’t stop this artificial hell, we are all done! and at the end, we will indeed get to a point where we are unable to own nothing! and who will own everything? the same fraudsters who were behind this massive dystopian scam.

How to fight the wealth theft (inflation) ? I don’t know if we can get rid of it, but we can fight it – by trying to find ways to make some additional income that is not dependent on an employer (small side business, side hustles etc..), and by trying to be a bit more self sufficient (maybe plant a small garden so a portion of your veggies and fruits will be cheap and at your disposal? collect rain water to avoid large water bills when watering said garden, etc.. maintain a pantry with enough shelf stable food for at least a month including drinking water for your size of family, make sure to have an alternative heating source for your home, and a small camping stove or similar, for those who can afford – install solar and make sure it’s an off-grid installation which means the stored energy is usable on power outages)

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