The Tolerant Left Caught on Video: Soy-Boy Kicks Pro-Life Woman Activist in the Face For No Reason

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by Chris Black


If you are sick and tired of the Kavanaugh nomination for SCOTUS extravaganza, here’s an interesting piece of news that went under the mainstream media’s radar. A weirdly dressed and even weirder-acting soy-boy hit a pro life woman activist in the face for absolutely no reason. This is the tolerant left in action.


How did this happen? The answer is pretty easy for anyone who understands where the word libtard comes from: the left cannot win in the realm of arguments and ideas. They’ve already lost the debate when the USSR collapsed back in 1991. Socialism/communism doesn’t work. Period. Full stop. Hence, to win an “argument” by any means necessary, a leftist would not hesitate to hit you in the face. Even if you’re a woman who “dindu nuffin wrong”. Joke aside, here how this all started:


The man asked: “If somebody gets raped by somebody and they’re like ‘I’m a 16-year old, I can’t have this baby. Think you should keep it?”


The pro-life protester replied: “It’s a baby, if someone is raped and she gave birth and decided to kill her three year old child -,”


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The leftist soy-boy’s response was to hit her. That was definitely not an argument.



It’s this kind of stuff that’s going to eventually turn very ugly. The left has went unchecked for so long, they don’t understand what it’s like to get punched back. Sooner or later this will happen in a place like Texas or Florida, where half the protesters are CHL carriers, and they’ll get dropped. Not a good thing, but it seems inevitable at this point.


After kicking the woman in the face (the incident took place at a @clcyouthprolife protest in Toronto by the way) , the soy-boy’s excuse was that he was aiming for her smartphone.



The left-wing media, which is basically all corporate media, completely ignored this stunt. Obviously, and to no one’s surprise. I’ve got a feeling this rodent will be taught some manners the old fashioned way some day. You know, until morale improves, the beatings will continue. That kind of thing. Not that I’m advocating violence, just saying. The problem with barbarism is that you cannot mitigate it with kindness.  This is the left in a nuthshell: they lose the argument, then get violent.


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From #believeallwomen to #hitallwomen. That didn’t take long, did it? But it’s for “the cause”, don’t you see? Whatever it takes, by any means necessary, the end justifies the means. I mean, this guy should run for Congress as a Democrat, he’s a perfect fit.


Always remember Canadians: an armed society is a polite society. You won’t find this type of sick behavior anywhere is rural America. Only in the “diverse” and multicultural cities, where it is tolerated and these people have somewhere to run and hide. Try it in most places in “flyover America”, and you will end up picking your piercings and your chicklets up off the sidewalk.



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