The Total Collapse of YouTube… AND Your Google Account

From what I understand even watching YouTube videos can now get your Google account permanently closed by YouTube. All hell is breaking loose on YouTube now! This could very well be the end of YouTube as we know it. Up to all of your favorite YouTubers can very well vanish overnight or otherwise abruptly and even take down your Google account too. Be scare… very scared. Let this new YouTube update be a word of deadly warning to you. Do NOT become a YouTuber these days under any circumstances. YouTube is now legally allowed to completely destroy a critical part of your Internet livelihood whenever they want.

watched this a few hours ago

kinda related… even tho we know the main target of this will be right minded thinking

gaming nerds getting banned for emote spamming????

States’ massive GOOGLE antitrust probe will expand into search…

Whistleblower: Medical data of millions at risk…

h/t darkwolf007


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