The True Meaning of Socialized Medicine

Under socialized health care, you are government property. The State may allow you some measure of proprietorship over your daily existence, in order to lull you into the sleepy compliance of the contented slave. But there is no doubt who holds the deed. Socialized or “single payer” medicine, a pillar of Marxist political philosophy, establishes the collectivization of the individual human being more clearly than any political structure imaginable — except compulsory government-regulated schooling.
Together, those two political transformations — government ownership of your spiritual development and your physical preservation — establish the firmest and most comprehensive foundations of tyranny. All the rest of progressivism’s panoply of hyper-regulation and micromanaging paternalism are mere baubles once the soul and body have been legally removed from individual and familial control — removed both symbolically and, as Charlie Gard’s unfortunate parents have just learned, removed in horrifyingly literal fact.
‘Death Panel’: European Court Says Terminal Baby Must Die Despite Parents Funding Extra Care
According to the reports, the family had private funding. This was a denial for them to use that private funding.
Government Medicine: Court Declares Child Should Die Rather Than Receive Privately-Funded Health Care

In a government-controlled healthcare system, the state determines who can receive treatment and when. This has long been admitted. But, what is less often discussed is that once a patient finds himself within a state-run healthcare facility, the state may deny him treatment — even if privately funded.
This was recently illustrated when Charlie Gard, a small child suffering from mitochondrial depletion syndrome, was denied privately-funded treament planned by his parents.


h/t Daniel Higdon