The Twitter Files prove that big tech needs to be broken up.

by 2201992

These companies claim to “platforms” when they are a publisher.

If you are removing non violent content solely because you disagree with what the content contains in its message that is a violation of the 1st Amendment.

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Having Blacklist and Do Not Amplify tools is manipulation on a grand scale in a society that supposedly values Free Speech. Having those tools makes us no better then China and Russia. Big Tech is the big governments Bitch. If Twitter has this capability just imagine what Facebook and Google have to silence and manipulate the conversation.

Remember the Democrats blamed Parler and Gab for Jan 6th. Parler and Gab are brand new companies just starting up. How can Parler and Gab be responsible for Jan 6th when it’s now been revealed that Twitter has tools that specifically target and silence dissenting voices? Same goes for the BLM riots. Twitter has blood on its hands. I 100% believe they amplified the riots to cause as much destruction as possible. They manipulated the rage because it benefited there side when they have always had the tools to silence the riots. The hashtags was never organic. It was always manipulation on a massive scale.


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