The United States Has Sunk To A New Low – We Are “Lunch Shaming” Our Own Children In Public Schools – We Cannot Even Afford To Feed Our Most Vulnerable – Our Children.

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by Pamela Williams
I believe we have fallen from God’s grace, and we cannot even find the decency to feed our own children.  What have we become?  Have we not said over and over again, “a child cannot learn on an empty stomach.”
We are “lunch shaming” children who cannot afford to pay for their lunches.  In front of God and the rest of the world, if a child owes on his or her lunch bill, instead of doing the right thing…giving the lunch to that child regardless…we are doing this:

  1. We take away the hot meal.
  2. We tell them if they want it, they should pay the bill.
  3. We throw the meal in the trash.
  4. Then we hand that child a cheese sandwich…all the while this is done in public.

I have read so much that has disturbed me, but this is the worst.  These children never get over this.  What do they suffer in the future for this type of humiliation?  Could it drive them to suicide?  
How can we allow all of these illegal immigrants inside of our country…inside of our schools when we cannot even feed our own brethren…our most vulnerable…our own children?  Children who are actual citizens of the United States!
What has driven us to this type of hypocrisy?  What has transformed the United States of America into a Nation of heartless, stingy, misguided, and lost people that we could possibly find such a situation tolerable?
In God’s land we would feed our children regardless of where they came from, as we are all God’s children, and we are all trying to survive on the same globe.
Country against country, investing all our millions into nuclear weapons, raping our neighbors, using our resources to “take away” instead of “giving back”…where are we right now?  What are we facing…really facing…eternal damnation?
Crystal Jarek, a retired teacher in Lee County, Fla., said she remembered the staff taking debt notices to class. “The cafeteria staff would come in at noon, wearing their hairnets, and hand out letters,” she said. “All the kids would turn around to see who was getting one.”
During the 2015-16 school year, Lee County began offering free meals for all students at 76 of its schools, including the one where Ms. Jarek taught.
Kerry Krepps, a retiree in Kansas City, Mo., has seen the lasting effects of lunch shaming. Her adult son refuses to eat peanut butter because it reminds him of middle school in western Minneapolis, when students with debt were sent to a table to make peanut butter sandwiches.
“The humiliation has persisted for 20 years,” she said. “It shows how lasting these experiences can be.”


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8 thoughts on “The United States Has Sunk To A New Low – We Are “Lunch Shaming” Our Own Children In Public Schools – We Cannot Even Afford To Feed Our Most Vulnerable – Our Children.

    • Apples, meet oranges. Thanks for the observation. Right up there with “If we can put a man on the moon, we oughta {fill in the blank}.”
      Give me a shout when the Pentagon becomes responsible for school lunches.

        • We’re all aware there’s plenty of waste at the Pentagon, and it has no bearing on the spending situation IRT school lunches. The two, while probably true, are not related, that’s all.

          • Sure they are related. If the public wasn’t so pathetic there would be plenty of money for schools. However, in my opinion school should be abolished anyway. Are you familiar with John Taylor Gotto and Charlot Iserytby ?

  1. Sorry but we are not a communist nation and it is not the responsibility of people to feed other people’s kids. It was not that long ago that it was the parent’s responsibility to send their kids to school with either a lunch or lunch money. If you are such a loser, so pathetic, such a dirt-bag that you cannot feed your kids than you should blame yourselves and solve your own problems instead of blaming other people.

    • They can’t even get the picture right. That little “white” boy has his lunch in the bag and a nice apple to boot. At least until the other little thugs take it away fro, him. Maybe that’s why he is so sad. There is no starvation problem in public schools. There are parents who take no responsibility whatsoever for their sperm-egg combinations and throw them out on the street to fend for themselves. The parents (if they can be identified) are the ones who should be shamed.

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