The US Economy is on the Brink

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by Chris Black

Trade to the USA has almost stopped. There is hardly anything on the shelves and new product development has been pushed back at most companies.

Profitability is a huge concern as prices jumped 20% on most items. Even that isn’t enough. Consumers have no idea what is coming later this year.

What ends up on the shelf in September, is bought in January. The same product that was $50 retail has been bought with a wholesale price that necessitates a $75 retail price this fall, if the containers even show up.

Products that were supposed to be available at the start of February still aren’t on the shelves. I’ve also noticed that many of the gadget blogs can barely find enough to write a half dozen posts a day.

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The auto industry is dead. Supposedly there are cars available, but every lot I drive by is empty. Apparently you can go in and order a car, but you’ll wait four to six months to get it.

The US economy is now based on sitting on your ass ordering food through an app, trading MEME stocks while you watch garbage shows on streaming services.

If you have $10k to invest and use 10:1 leverage, you can make $100k profit off trading GameStop or other MEME stocks in a week.

90% of the available jobs in America pay less than $40k per year.

That is why nobody wants them.

The US economy has been turned into a table game at a seedy casino off The Strip.

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