Hunter Biden DID Help Secure Millions in Funding for US contractor ‘Metabiota’ Specializing in Deadly Pathogen research [Involves CIA, Bill Gates, DARPA, the CCP & more]

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by Chris Black

Here’s the deal:

– Hunter Biden is probably a pedophile (unconfirmed) with many links to the CCP. He secured funding for Metabiota, which specializes in “research on pandemic-causing diseases that could be used as bioweapons.”

– Metabiota is funded by CIA, Google, DARPA, Gates, US DoD, etc., and was founded by a World Economic Forum Global Leader.

– Metabiota is an advisor to various United Nations organizations, including the World Health Organization.

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– Metabiota’s founder wrote a book called The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age, which was dedicated to Jeffrey Epstein and one of Bill Gates’ advisors.

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– Metabiota was accused of mishandling the ebola epidemic and “messing up the entire region” by the government of Sierra Leone.

– Metabiota-affiliated EcoHealth Alliance was working hand-in-hand with the Chinese government to research COVID viruses in Wuhan (perhaps alongside Metabiota).

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– Metabiota and EcoHealth were used by the UN and Western ruling class to shut down any theories that COVID was leaked from the CCP-controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology.

– Project Veritas claimed that COVID was a DARPA project developed in a Wuhan lab.

– DARPA was also instrumental in the development of RNA COVID vaccines, which began years before the scamdemic outbreak.


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