The US Is Still Attacking Russia

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by Chris

I would only like to point out here that the west’s attacks against Russia are continuing even as I type this.  The kinetic strikes were a real flop, proving only that the west could be mendacious and petty as they really only proved that their signatures on convention documents are utterly worthless.

Russia is pissed.  And rightly so as they are being continually assaulted.

Here are a few charts I ran across this morning while searching for evidence of financial warfare being conducted against Russia.

They speak for themselves:


Russian bonds and the ruble and Russian stocks all getting clobbered.

This is just how the ziocon/bankster alliance works.

“Hey so sorry about your financial markets there…maybe next time you just stand aside when we want to destroy a country?”

Okay.  Fine.  This is how the system has worked for a long time.  The difference is that Russia has put up with this crap for a long time and seems to be near a turning/breaking point.  Maybe not, but that’s how it appears.

If I am Russia, I am seriously considering just turning off the energy spigots and letting Europe go into the financial/economic dumpster and then sit back and wait for the spillover effects to knock the US markets.  Also double down on my diplomatic alignment with China and India.

The bottom line here is that US stock futures having a party this morning notwithstanding, this scuffle isn’t over, it’s just being conducted by other means.

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Again, for any security apparatus types lurking here my main concern is that my country be as strong and well positioned for the future as it can be.  Breaking rules and bombing people are, in my opinion, very bad ways to go about getting what you want over the long term.  I judge that the war party currently infecting the US is harming the country, not making it stronger.  Blood and treasure are being wasted.  Our own country is crumbling, literally spalling shards of concrete onto the roads and into the rivers below while Detroit still is sending poisoned water to kids and families 4 years after being discovered.

Maybe we’re not being lurked and followed here, maybe we’re too small to qualify as a movement, but the odds say we are:

How many agents or infiltrators can we expect to see inside a movement?

One of the most notorious “police riots” was the 1968 Democratic Party Convention. Independent journalist Yasha Levine writes: “During the 1968 protests of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, which drew about 10,000 protesters and was brutally crushed by the police, 1 out of 6 protesters was a federal undercover agent.

That’s right, 1/6th of the total protesting population was made up of spooks drawn from various federal agencies. That’s roughly 1,600 people! The stat came from an Army document obtained by CBS News in 1978, a full decade after the protest took place. According to CBS, the infiltrators were not passive observers, monitoring and relaying information to central command, but were involved in violent confrontations with the police.” 

Peter Camejo, who ran for Governor of California in 2003 as a Green and as Ralph Nader’s vice president in 2004, often told the story about his 1976 presidential campaign. Camejo able to get the FBI in court after finding their offices broken into and suing them over COINTELPRO activities.

The judge asked the Special Agent in Charge how many FBI agents worked in Camejo’s presidential campaign; the answer was 66 agents. Camejo estimated he had a campaign staff of about 400 across the country. Once again that would be an infiltration rate of 1 out of 6 people. Camejo discovered that among the agents was his campaign co-chair. He also discovered eavesdropping equipment in his campaign office and documents showing the FBI had followed him since he was a student activist at 18 years old.


However, I don’t fear being followed or tracked because I know that I am on the same side as anybody who actually cares about their country and wants to create a secure and viable future for their children.

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The war party is working against both of those interests, although they seem to think the opposite.

But I know right from wrong, and I know bullshit when I see it, and on those measures the US is desperately off track at a critical juncture of history.


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