The US Migrant Crisis Is Going Critical, Local Towns Declare Emergencies

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The US Migrant Crisis Is Going Critical, Local Towns Being Devastated. A Democratic mayor of the town of Del Rio is outraged as he says calls to federal lawmakers fall on deaf ears. This rhetoric has been echoed by many other jurisdictions that have declared emergencies but it seems that national level democrats just push rhetoric and block Trump, ICE, and CBP from doing their jobs.

Democrats have even begun to blame federal law enforcement for the problems at the border while simultaneously voting to block funding for facilities.

While Trump’s solution is building a wall we don’t see much of anything from Democrats as their priorities seem to be on winning in 2020 and on impeachment. Yet everyday the crisis at the southern border with mexico gets worse.

Record waves of illegal immigrants are coming to the US and even migrants from African are now flying to Brazil then coming to the US. Many far left social justice types endorse open borders, like the Democratic Socialists of America. It seems that these activists don’t understand basic economics and don’t actually care for the crisis and what its doing to local communities.

Record Wave Of African Migrants Reach US-Mexico Border, Complain Of Bad Conditions. Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa have begun flying across the Atlantic to South and Central America to try and enter the US at the Southern Border.

We are already at record levels of illegal immigration at our Southern border and now we see even more people flying half way around the world to travel through several countries to try and enter the US.

While Trump has used emergency powers to being construction on a border wall, many mainstream publications such as the New York Times have called on Congress and Democrats to give Trump the funding he needs.

Many questions arise in response to stories like these. Why won’t Democrats provide funding for shelters, food, and personnel, and why are so many Africans skipping over safe countries to try and enter the US?

While many far left and social justice activists decry the harsh conditions faced by these migrants we seem to see no clear path to securing the border, keeping these people safe, and disincentivizing these journeys.


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