The YouTube Purge Project – Let's Create A List Of Our Fallen Truthers

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Anti-School – New Link –!/v/antischool/si9hu31v
According to Joe – All videos are gone
Blackstone Intelligence – Strikes, videos removed –!/c/morphonios
Bombard’s Body Language – New Link –
Bakedalaska – Video removed, banned for streaming for 3 months for talking about a debate.
Charlton – Banned
Charles Walton – Banned
Defango – Banned
Dustin Nemos – Banned – New Link!/v/nemosnews/kapj0ccm
David Seaman – Banned – David Hogg Flordia Shooting
Destroying The Illusion – New Link –
Ron Johnson – Banned
Richie Allen – Banned
Jerome Corsi – Channel is still up, videos are gone.
MrLTavern – Getting strikes over vegas cover up, video has been pulled down.
Richie From Boston –
Titus Frost
Who else? Let’s keep the list going.
It’s the band of the banned!
YouTube has become ThemTube: It’s time to flee a failed platform

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4 thoughts on “The YouTube Purge Project – Let's Create A List Of Our Fallen Truthers

  1. LOL….you always get flak when your over the target….thanks “boob” tube for letting me know where to go to get the “facts”…keep your site full of cartoons and snowflakes! and enjoy your demise. As for my fellow truth-seekers, I will see you on the “right” side…Goo Goo can take a hike too, as they are all in bed together. Enjoy your enslavement LIBERALS…because no one will be coming to help you…Good-bye and Good Riddance!

    • A grid down scenario and the last thing people are going to worry about is the internet….besides…they showed us their hand and everyone who agrees with them…use the time we have left for educational purposes.

      • Ya, I figure THEY will just EMP us and shut it ALL down while THEY hunker down. After a month or two 90% will be dead!

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