The YouTube Purge Project – Let's Create A List Of Our Fallen Truthers

Anti-School – New Link –!/v/antischool/si9hu31v
According to Joe – All videos are gone
Blackstone Intelligence – Strikes, videos removed –!/c/morphonios
Bombard’s Body Language – New Link –
Bakedalaska – Video removed, banned for streaming for 3 months for talking about a debate.
Charlton – Banned
Charles Walton – Banned
Defango – Banned
Dustin Nemos – Banned – New Link!/v/nemosnews/kapj0ccm
David Seaman – Banned – David Hogg Flordia Shooting
Destroying The Illusion – New Link –
Ron Johnson – Banned
Richie Allen – Banned
Jerome Corsi – Channel is still up, videos are gone.
MrLTavern – Getting strikes over vegas cover up, video has been pulled down.
Richie From Boston –
Titus Frost
Who else? Let’s keep the list going.
It’s the band of the banned!
YouTube has become ThemTube: It’s time to flee a failed platform

h/t selfprodigy