THEORY – Stock Market will Crash (Mar 1 – May 1) Here is why.

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by AblePatriot

I have been correlating different information, narratives, opinions, disinformation and factual market data and have arrived at the theory and opinion that a Stock Market correction of 30%-50% will occur between March 1st and May 1st. This view is shared by other market professionals, Motley Fool Buffet, Ramsey etc. What is unique about GLP is, we have information that these people either have and wont talk about, or do not have at all. This compounds the likely hood of a major correction when you factor in the underlying conditions that will create the trigger event.

I want to corroborate with others on this board who can provide additional insights, support or alternative opinions. I am prepared to place large short position as this may be one of the greatest drops in market valuation since the great depression.


DJI is at all time high at 31289
DJI has risen from 17952 to 31289 (since Trump won election 11/2017). +13337 + 74% in 48 months.
Massive inflow of trillions in new debt and currency devaluation since 11/2017. A major currency devaluation is already occurring, inflation is inevitable at this point and already occurring.
From 2/3 to 3/23 during Covid, (Trigger Event) DJI fell from 29584 to 18079. -11505 -39%. That was a mild trigger compared to what is coming.
VIX Index is at a low.

Underlying Conditions for 2021 Market Correction
The next trigger event is upon us and will eclipse Covid. That event is the announcement of a New Republic, thousands of arrests and a new currency (precious metal backed). The evidence is in plain sight, is unreported, and this will happen as a big bang event.

– 40,000 National Guard in DC
– CEO’s stepping down ahead of announcements of seized assets.
– World leaders forced to resign.
– Fake inauguration.
– US is a bankrupt corporation.
– Blackouts at Vatican and in DC
– Police reported at Capital.
– Buses reported at Capital.
– Military does not acknowledge Biden as President.
– Thousands of National Guard deputized as Marshalls.
– Patriot Missiles Deployed around DC
– Rigged 2020 Election in plain sight.
– Supreme court rumblings of reexamining election results.
– And much more.
There are also many option plays at work that suggest a major market correction between now and May. Post what you think either in support or opposition to this theory.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence or consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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