There Are 30 Million Illegals. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise.

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by Tallest Skil

Most Americans underestimate how much illegal aliens cost us each year. Looking at the Heritage Foundation study, you will find that the average illegal household pays about $10,334 annually in taxes. The disparity lies in the fact that the average illegal household receives around $24,721 in government benefits (this includes direct benefits, means-tested benefits, education benefits, population-based services, interest and other spending, and pure public goods expenditures) annually. For comparison, the average households with college-educated heads received $24,839 in government benefits while paying $54,089 in taxes. Now, looking at these figures, we can conclude that the average household of illegals costs taxpayers $14,387 per annum. The Heritage Foundation estimates that there are 3,444,955 households of illegals in the US, containing “no more than” 12,708,875 illegal immigrants. This estimate is flawed, however, because it is based off of a census study conducted in the year 2001. It’s strange how immigrants flood into our country and hop the border in droves, yet the amount of illegal immigrants has stayed roughly the same… A more apt estimate would be the one conducted by Ann Coulter in her book Adios, America! in which she cites a study by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Barlett and Steele that estimates an average of 3 million illegal aliens are coming in yearly–enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners. Coulter also cites a study Fred Elbel done in 2007 that estimates there were 20 million illegal immigrants residing in the US in 2005.
Taking these new figures, we can calculate that there are close to 50 million illegal immigrants currently in the US. However, since I understand these studies are just estimates; I will use a more conservative estimate of 35 million. This new number of illegals is close to 3.5x the Heritage Foundation’s estimate, so we arrive at 12,057,343 households of illegals. AII of these households are costing US taxpayers $14,387 per annum. Multiply these two numbers and you get the cost of illegal immigration to the US: $173,468,986,547.
The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) contractor, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) completed 651 of nearly 652 miles of fencing mandated by Congress in 2005, which was a part of the DHS’ Secure Border Initiative (SBI). The price per mile (PPM) ranged from $400,000 to $15.1 million, for an average of $3.9 million PPM. The USA has close to 2,000 miles bordering Mexico and other areas illegal aliens typically trek though. Assuming the best option is the option for $15 million PPM, it would cost taxpayers around $30 billion to build a comprehensive wall. The price to build a wall that would last a lifetime is less than 17% of the yearly cost of illegal immigration. The choice is extremely clear.
The areas mentioned are not the only areas in which we would save. If we decided to deport all illegal aliens, we would save the $173 billion that is spent yearly on the illegal aliens. This would allow us to increase the border patrols budget by $15 billion–a more than 100% increase–$10 billion towards defense spending, $50 billion towards paying back the national deficit (or $60 billion; whatever), all while cutting taxes by 2.5% across the board. In addition, close to 29.3 million jobs would be open. This number comes from multiplying the amount of illegal aliens by 89% (the amount over the age of 18), and then multiplying that number by 94.5% (accounting for just Obama’s fake unemployment rate in May 2015). With the amount of job openings caused by deportation, everyone drawing unemployment in the US would be able to find a job. And there would be close to 21 million jobs left, which would allow for an extraordinary amount of economic growth and would cause a massive surge in the Labor Force Participation Rate, which is seemingly lacking. When US citizens fill those jobs, the government will see a huge leap in tax revenue. The average US citizen pays close to 30% in taxes on their average $44,888 salary. The average citizen pays approximately $13,466 in taxes per annum to the government. Multiplying this by 31.3 million (the amount of jobs that now pay income tax to the US government) gives us $421.5 billion. Allocating these funds could give us $50 billion for infrastructure repair, $10 billion for education, $15 billion for defense spending (or, again, no more than we’re spending now at all), $150 billion to pay back the national debt, and would allow us to lower taxes again, this time 5% across the board.
Freeing up all these jobs would allow us to completely cut all unemployment benefits, which would discontinue FUTA (6%) as well as SUTA (5.82%) taxes on business, while saving taxpayers 108.5 billion USD annually. 10 billion of these newfound funds could go to paying back the national deficit, all while cutting taxes yet again, another 2.5% across the board.
    In conclusion, building a border wall and deporting all illegal immigrants would allow us to spend per annum: $15 billion on border patrol, $25 billion in defense spending, $50 billion for infrastructure repair, $10 billion for education, and $210 billion towards paying back the national deficit–in addition to their current budgets–while cutting taxes nearly 12% on business, and 10% for citizens.

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4 thoughts on “There Are 30 Million Illegals. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise.

  1. wow great article thank you.
    I have been saying 33 million but your are right it is closer to 60 million ,I figured that was around 22 towns/ghettos in every
    state with 25000 aliens self segregated in each and that at the current catch and release rates it will take 150 years to achieve removals of criminals.
    MAGA can never start without the wall, it is the heart of the clean up and roundups must start now.

  2. We could even afford to incentivize, the alien’s countries of origin, with aid money, to lessen the burden upon their society, to accept the return of their citizens.
    But that has not been the agenda of the US Federal government, for the past 30-40 years. The agenda has been to utilize the Cloward Piven strategy, to overwhelm the financial systems of the governments of the world. To allow for the installation of a World Government and one currency system, for the .1% to control and profit from.

  3. Now not being racially or gender unkind we just have to look at all of the pictures we are given. I am not sure what is going on with the pictures we have on this issue. I do know we have an obese problem in all western countries. Every single one we see of the protesters have either babies, teenagers or obese gals and all of the guys are of working age and slim, young and ready to work. If we look at the minority people invading Europe looking to be a majority right now it is the same. This has got to be obvious to anyone watching all of the either side propaganda shots we have. The womens rights group is bunching into the same look?!? I am not sure what is going on here but it seems to be managed. Can there be others that can set me straight?

  4. Why do millions risk life and limb each year to trespass in the US? Do they “yearn to be free”? I suspect it’s much more likely they “yearn to be fed”. Here’s a crazy idea: phase out free food, free schooling, free housing, and free medical care for non-residents, and let all those “dreamers” pursue their dreams elsewhere. Those that stay can start paying for the services they receive. This is how it’s currently handled in places like Mexico, Canada, and 100 other countries. The United States is under no obligation to be the world’s free Airbnb. And more importantly, we cannot afford to be.

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