There are an awful lot of things that haven’t happened since ’07/’08 that are happening now.

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by ReadMurrayBookchin

An assortment of recent articles – feel free to post more in the comments!


Housing stocks are having their worst year since 2008, and some see even more distress

Fund managers haven’t been this bearish on global growth since 2008: BAML survey

Why the stock market just ushered in its worst start to October since 2008

Weakest demand, highest yield since 2008 at U.S. 2-year auction

Fed funds rate set to rise past inflation for first time since 2008

One Last Hurrah? U.S. Junk Bond Premium Hits Lowest Since 2007


Wall Street pay jumps to highest since financial crisis

New York City homeowners are cutting prices in a way not seen since the financial crisis

GE shares fell to levels not seen since July 13, 2009


China growth slowest since financial crisis as trade war looms


UK economy ‘heading for worst year since financial crisis’

UK banks expect biggest mortgage lending cutback since 2008

Number of single homeless mothers soars to highest level since financial crash

Car sales fall in UK with industry’s worst September since financial crisis

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House prices have biggest drop since GFC amid warnings of credit crunch


Because the Fed is tightening monetary policy and stemming the flow of free money to the financial markets. The important indicators to watch are US treasury yields and the Federal Funds Rate. The Fed won’t be able to raise the FFR to more than between 2.5% and 3% before they precipitate the next financial crisis.




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