There is a storm coming against censorship of the masses

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by AC



1. The mainstream media have proven their “snooze” news is all in favor of their corporate agendas.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Google/Youtube owners were threatened to cooperate with censorship demanded by dummycrats or they would be next to fall.

3. The police locked up a kid in New Zealand for simply relaying a truthful video about the false flag events.

4. British folk are now facing V for Vendetta real life online censorship, promoted as “for your protection”.

5. Donald Trump and Alex Jones are not alone in this treasonous effort composed by Soros, Clintons and Obama, plus many more left wing nutjobs.

6. This censorship attack is against all of YOU, your right to express opinions and peacefully assemble online for debate.

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7. Only through the courts and police and a handful of twisted degenerates like democrat faithful getting away with silencing all of you collectively.

8. Finally, censorship is everywhere, in every home and office, political arenas, religious institutions, everywhere,, including online, this website as well.

Here is your executive summary on censorship. Donald Trump and Alex Jones believe they are outstanding patriots winning the good fight, well…they are the reason for all this censorship effecting everyone, and why?

You don’t go into war with loose lips and no back up plan to win the war. Everything that has happened over the last two years should have been expected, and a counter offense should have been prepared for.

Did folks really believe these lowlife left wingers were just gonna roll over and die without a fight? Well, they be fighting cause they know YOU ALL know they are guilty!

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Donny Trump and Alex Jones DID NOT think it out right to counter these attacks, even leading to Roger Stone being indicted during this process. There was no plan, just lips, and this is not benefiting anyone, it is getting everyone censored. Get it?

That being said, I will simply say, prepare for something magical this summer, mark my words, I have a full scale plan that will work, and this summer, left wingers and all their treasonous plans WILL FALL. Not just in America, but global.


Not a dummycrap, sorry…democrat


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