Uber driver drops customer off at airport, then returns to rider’s home to rob it

An Uber driver in California was arrested after he dropped a customer off at the airport before swinging back to try to rob the customer’s home.

According to the San Mateo Police Department, Uber driver Jackie Gordon Wilson had dropped off his client before returning to the customer’s home about an hour later in an attempt to gain access to the home Thursday evening.

However, police said Wilson left the property after a Ring security camera captured the man’s movement outside the home, triggering an alarm.

The suspect then went to another home just down the street where his image was captured on yet another Ring security camera. This time, Wilson gained access to the home. Police said the second home was “completely ransacked, and multiple items were found to be stolen.”

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The homeowner posted the security footage on Ring’s community sharing platform in an effort to identify the alleged thief. That’s when other users chimed in on the sharing platform, informing them the suspect was an Uber driver and made an attempt on another home just after doing an airport run.





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