THERE SHE GOES AGAIN: Ocasio-Cortez, at SXSW, blasts FDR, Reagan and capitalism, says political moderates are ‘meh.’

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via foxnews:

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed political moderates at the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals in Austin, Texas, calling their views “misplaced” as she defended her progressive politics in a room full of supporters.

“Moderate is not a stance. It’s just an attitude towards life of, like, ‘meh,’” the New York Democrat said Saturday during an interview with Briahna Gray, senior politics editor for the Intercept. “We’ve become so cynical, that we view ‘meh,’ or ‘eh’ — we view cynicism as an intellectually superior attitude, and we view ambition as youthful naivete when … the greatest things we have ever accomplished as a society have been ambitious acts of visions, and the ‘meh’ is just worshipped now, for what?”

The self-declared Democratic socialist also criticized the treatment of minorities throughout American history, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, which she claimed was racist, to Ronald Reagan’s policies, which she said “pitted” white working class people against minorities in order “to screw over all working-class Americans,” particularly African-Americans and Hispanics.


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Today’s Young Turk “Democratic” Socialists are burning bridges before they cross them. Meanwhile, YouTuber “Mr. Reagan” has an interesting theory: AOC, Tlaib & Co. are actors hired to play a part.

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AOC is not a Congresswoman. She’s a performer, a bartender who auditioned for the role of congressmen in 2017 with 10,000 other applicants before the communist group, Justice Democrats.

She just smiles and mouths whatever nonsense they provide. She’s not a resident of her district and could care less about her district as evidenced by her destruction of 25,000 high-paying jobs, as directed by her communist handlers.


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