There were LOTS of reasons Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election and none of them had anything to do with Russian "meddling"

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1. She was totally and obviously corrupt taking massive bribes from foreign countries, special interests, Wall Street, drugs companies and a host of other multinationals to pursue policies directly against the interests of over 99% of Americans.

2. She supported TPP which everyone else came to disown because it was a Corporate Power Grab and middle class job killer for the top 0.1% and a total disaster for everyone else. Her lies saying she no longer supported it were very transparent. A very large part of the reason that Shillary lost the poverty stricken de-industrialized Mid West Rust Belt of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin was because she supported anti America job killing trade deals like NAFTA and TPP.

3. Hillary Clinton was a VERY bad liar and obviously so (unlike say her predecessors Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who were extremely accomplished liars and fooled a very large number of people). Absolutely nobody who retained an ounce of common sense believed anything she said. Hillary Clinton was less believable than Donald Trump among the only Americans that count – the 60% of voters who are independents. Hillary actually managed to turn a sizeable percentage of Bernie Sanders supporters and two time Obama voters against her because she was so obviously obnoxious, so obviously against the interests of ordinary Americans, and so obviously a liar.

4. Hillary Clinton was the Mother of ISIS. It was Hillary that pushed the hardest to arm al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi and in Syria to overthrow Assad, a large number of whom then became ISIS. These were Hillary’s wars and disasters and enough Americans woke up and knew it.
Libya became a failed state as a direct result of Hillary’s policies and if Russia hadn’t intervened to prevent it Syria would have gone the same way.
Hillary’s arming of terrorists to pursue regime change in Libya and Syria, supported by insane Neocon Nutjobs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, was the direct cause of the largest refugee and economic migration crisis since WW2. And enough Americans knew it.

5. Hillary Clinton promised to bomb the shit out of Assad for al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists to turn Syria into a failed state like Libya.
She also promised to increase the Neocon led antagonism towards Russia, and to push for WW3 with Russia. Most Americans did not want to get fried in a nuclear armageddon and didn’t vote for her. Most Americans do not support al-Qaeda or ISIS. Most Americans wanted to end the Neocon Wars and improve relations with Russia (which was what Trump promised to do in the campaign).

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10 thoughts on “There were LOTS of reasons Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election and none of them had anything to do with Russian "meddling"

    • You’re 100% correct, the biggest reason for Hillary’s loss .. was Hillary herself. She, simply, cannot utter lies as brilliantly as Bill or Obama. She has a naturally nasty personality, and that hasn’t helped her one bit in last year’s Presidential election.

  1. It’s really demoralizing that Trump is STILL being hounded over imaginary Russians…and the HARDCORE proof of untold crimes committed by Hillary Clinton (among other Democrats) go absolutely uninvestigated and unpunished.
    How did we lose our Justice system?

  2. Not enough dead people voted for Hillary.
    Not enough supporters voted more than twice for Hillary.
    Not enough illegal aliens voted for Hillary.
    Chances are Bill voted for Gary Johnson.

  3. And let’s not forget “We came, we saw, he died.”
    Not even Hitler or Stalin laughed at their victims like that.

  4. Bill and Hillary are both high level CIA operatives, recruited into the agency in the 1960s by Richard Sterns, who is now a federal judge in Massachusetts. The CIA fixed the election for Hillary to win, so she didn’t worry much. However, the Mossad undid the fix and rigged it for their man Trump. Of course no one dare say this because it would be political suicide. So Hillary blames it on the Russians, which also diverts attention away from her espionage ring (Hillary-Huma-Weiner),

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