There’s Only One Method Available To Releasing “The Memo”

by T4C
All the handwringing and pearl clutching about releasing The Memo….NOW GODDAMNIT!…is unwarranted. As I said on another thread, all ya’ll wanting to see it NOW would never as adults pass the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment
It must always be kept in mind that when it come to GEOTUS, if things happen, or don’t happen, or don’t happen YET…it’s for strategic reasons. 

1. Here is an example of why @ggreenwald , and those who support him, are dangerous. I shall dissect this article claims and explain:…

2. Greenwald, like many, is sometimes right and sometimes wrong. The “sometimes wrong” becomes transparently rooted in allowing political ideology to be the prism for opinion.
3. So let me go to the specifics. Hopefully this will be a little helpful for those who don’t travel the deepest part of the deep weeds, yet still hope for a good understanding.

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4. The dangerous @ggreenwaldclaims that there are FOUR methods for Chairman Devin Nunes summary memo of unlawful DOJ/FBI FISA violations to reach sunlight.
5. @ggreenwaldis a chaos writer. He doesn’t care about who is hurt, damaged, or impacted by his political and ideologically driven proposals. That is what makes him especially dangerous. We begin:
6. The first way Greenwald claims the Memo can be “easily” released is: “Trump can declassify anything he wants.”
7. Yes, it is true that the President can declassify anything. However, within this “anything” Donald Trump is the subject of adverse action. The President was the target of the unlawful action by the DOJ and FBI.
8. Because of the details of the surveillance, Donald Trump (now POTUS) is both the victim, and the head of law enforcement in charge of investigation the illegal action that created the victim.
9. In addition to the downstream ramifications of SC Mueller investigating POTUS Trump for “Obstruction of Justice”…. The White House lawyer, Don McGhan would tell POTUS (victim) to stay the hell away from this investigation. There is an inherent conflict.
10. Any action taken by POTUS would be construed as interference. And there are at least four correct legal and legislative avenues where that case can easily be made. Including violating the separation of powers.
[Executive, Legislative, Judiciary]
11. The second “easy way” according to @ggreenwald is: “The House (and Senate) intelligence committees can declassify any material they possess.”
12. DUH !
13That is EXACTLY what they are doing.

14. Because the FISA information is highly classified,it is a process:
Make a classified memo summary.
Vote on releasing memo to congress.
Vote on declassifying summary.
Give memo to Executive branch.
POTUS, NSC, OLC approve release.
Memo Released.
15The White Hat plan was created last year, and is using the #2 optionmentioned by @ggreenwald . This is the avenue currently being traveled.Here are the planners. A few really good men:

16. Now lets look at the third “easy way” option. Another toxically dangerous approach sure to destroy anyone who would take @ggreenwald‘s advice.

17.The Third recommendation by @ggreenwald is: “The Constitution protects members of Congress from prosecution for “any speech or debate in either House.””
18. That is about the most stupid thing ever recommended. Suggesting a congressman/woman go on the house floor and intentionally divulge Top Secret CLASSIFIED information, proprietary to intelligence and national security.
19. Awww fugghit…. why not just be in the middle of war, and give daily updates on where are troops are and when they’re going to attack… I mean, it’s not illegal right? And you can’t be arrested for it right? Easy peasy according to @ggreenwald
20. See why @ggreenwald is dangerous? That’s the kind of ideological thinking that allows Chelsea Manning to be given a pardon.
21. Not only would the person be violating their Oath of Office, they would immediately lose any security clearance and be incapable of doing their job. Sure “technically” they *might be* able to hide behind speech protections, but c’mon?
22. Do you really think it is in the U.S. best interest to have classified U.S. intelligence spouted off on the floors of the House or Senate just because it’s the better political play? Think hard about this.
Trust me, @ggreenwald doesn’t want you to think about this.
23. And for the final “easy way” @ggreenwald suggests the information can be released. Fourth approach: “Republicans can leak everything to the news media.”..
24. Oh, never mind the fact that would be 100% ILLEGAL. Meh, “republicans can leak everything to the news media.”…. ?? Seriously?
25. See the problem?
26. See the ridiculous construct of “Four Easy Ways” for the memo to be released is actually only TWO LEGAL ways? And one of those ways POTUS, would be against his own interests.
27. This is the kind of bullshit nonsense pushed out by people who: are disconnected, are intentionally trying to create chaos, and ultimately undermine just about all foundational principles of law and order. That’s @ggreenwald !!
28. There is a solid plan in place, to expose the corruption within the FBI and DOJ, that has been constructed after months and months of careful consideration of all the angles…. that does shred the remaining threads of the U.S. constitution.
29. That plan didn’t begin with the Nunes memo; it began back in March 2017 when Nunes was trapped in the compartmented box of the intelligence network. ODNI Dan Coats and NSA Rogers began creating a pathway to get Nunes out of that trap.
30. DNI Dan Coats *declassified and released* a highly critical FISA Court Ruling, based on Admiral Rogers prior work, and that strategic ODNI – FISC release laid the groundwork for Bob Goodlatte, Chuck Grassley and Michael Horowitz and Devin Nunes to get us where we are today.
31. The #ReleaseTheMemo effort is not a beginning stage, it is the mid-    point in a series of steps that have been ongoing since March and April last year when Coats and Rogers got Nunes out of his IC conundrum.
32. I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch idiots like @ggreenwald come up with ridiculous approaches now, that would likely allow the FBI and DOJ schemers to escape.
33. There are thousands of hours that have gone into this plan. A few days isn’t going to change the outcome one iota. These people are going down.



2 thoughts on “There’s Only One Method Available To Releasing “The Memo””

  1. What is always served best COLD?……..I say again……
    What comes around goes around, the Dems put Pres
    Trump in the frying pan and he survived the heat and is still in the
    kitchen. I hope all the libtard commies get fried nice and
    crispy……and served to Pres Trump nice and cold!
    Breaking NEWS Trump is really Santa Claus
    Happy New Year U all……………….from the deep NORTH….

    • Agreed! But one thing really bothers me in all this- the labelling of anyone who opposes Trump as a “liberal, leftist, etc”. This is not entirely true. In fact, many people going along unknowingly with the mainstream media’s lies about Trump are CLUEL:ESS about their “political leanings” and everyone on this planet certainly is not in the same spot on the political spectrum with regards to every issue! Labelling people like this only serves the “divide and conquer” strategy of the powers-that-be. I like to think of people in terms those that are aware of what’s going on, REALLY AWARE, and those who are misled by the media and/or totally clueless to begin with! Another category you might consider are those who work within the system, liberal or conservative, and those who abuse the system. Please don’t put someone down for taking what you think is a “liberal stance” and don’t kowtow to someone just because e they advertise themselves as a “conservative”. Words are cheaper than action! Good post!


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