THESE Are the Cities Most Likely To Face A Housing Collapse! What Goes Up, Must Come Down.

Let me know what city you think prices are WAY too high? (Compared to wages)

Look around the U.S. and the rest of the world. Chances are that housing is so unbelievably expensive that the average household is facing an impending crisis. We look at the rates people are paying today and it’s quite obvious that in a few years, they will be paying more. But what needs to be noted is that they are already at the maximum debt they can handle. Hmmm…What will be the result?


Screen-Shot-2018-08-11-at-11.53.57-AM.png (717×395)

Screen-Shot-2018-08-11-at-11.57.36-AM.png (713×396)

Housing in the US is too expensive, too cheap, and just right. It depends on where you live.

Fig1-natl-affordability-1.png (768×702)

Fig4-distirbution-by-coastal-proximity-1.png (768×721)

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Fig5-price-income-metro-map.png (768×821)

housing2.png (1096×779)

rooms1.png (1088×1397)

_46216562_houses_466_4.gif (466×525)

million-dollar-homes.jpg (1070×1742)

Number of people sleeping in Hong Kong McDonald’s branches skyrockets, as residents battle high rents and substandard housing | South China Morning Post



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