They Come Door To Door | Problems You Should Prepare For Now

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When They Come Door To Door | Problems You Should Prepare For Now
With a new door to door initiative coming from the federal government, are you prepared for some of the problems that might arise from an interaction?

Preparing for emergencies is one thing but, preparing for an interaction with the federal government is completely different. The main initiative for these door to door interactions is obvious. However, the surrounding issues could become extremely problematic once these face to face interactions occur. Have you thought about how you might handle a visit from the federal government? What types of ideology or hobbies are your advertising before they reach your front door? Do you think there wont be any data collection of any kind as long as you keep your door closed? According to the press, this should disproportionately affect Southern states. Plan ahead now and be ready for whatever might happen. Stay calm, be polite and give no reason for additional intrusion.

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