They need to get some accountability…

SCHOOLS NEED ADULT SUPERVISION, WHICH MEANS SUPERVISION FROM PARENTS AND OTHER NON-EDUCATORS: N.J. district reverses course, will add holiday names back onto school calendar.

But they don’t like it: Unlawful assembly? Arrests in Northern Virginia school board meeting after parents erupt over CRT. “How does a public comment period at a school board turn into an unlawful assembly, and then into an ugly scrum? The Loudoun County school board apparently got tired of getting lectured over critical race theory by angry parents, who already were upset over the suspension of a teacher from a previous public-comment session. The school superintendent suddenly declared the meeting closed and told police to start arresting people who refused to leave, and … we have this great moment in woke representative government. . . . Bear in mind that this took place at a public comment session — whose explicit purpose is to hear points of view from the community on proposed regulation and policy.”

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Plus: “In that sense, it’s not even about critical race theory or transgender pronouns. This conflict is about the definition of representative governance in local school systems, the First Amendment, and abuses of authority. Its eventual resolution will show whether accountability actually exists for politicians in Northern Virginia, and perhaps in many other places as well. Speaking of which, accountability takes more than one form.”

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