They sold us a “war against Covid”. But what we’re really getting is a war against anyone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated.

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by Teth_196

What is a war against covid anyways?

There’s isn’t really a way to “fight” a virus. This is because a virus is an invisible particle of genetic material that can’t even replicate without a host.

So when we here all this talk about “fighting against Covid” it’s more about creating a belief and establishment of perceptions based on those beliefs.

So you get people to believe in a “war” against a virus. That alters their perception of whatever changes or measures are introduced as a part of “the war”.

But from a functional point of view, every single measure we’ve seen is something that affects people (and society as a whole) much more than it affects “the virus”.

The “war against covid” looks a lot more like a coordinated effort to increase control over what people think, say and do. They seem to be failing in the effort to get covid under control. Meanwhile, the effort to increase control over the average person has been a comparative success.

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So, in effect, we’re really getting a war against people who don’t want to be subjected to increased (and possibly unnecessary) measures of control.

My premise is that the difference between the war against Covid and a war against ordinary people is only a matter of definition.

And the difference that makes no difference, is no difference at all.

Edit: Why the “War against Covid” is futile.

Consider the examples of Smallpox and Polio…

Smallpox disfigured people for life and had a 30% mortality rate. Polio could paralyze and cripple. Both smallpox and polio have been essentially eradicated through the use of vaccines.

And both of these things were accomplished without the use of the coercive measures currently being used for covid.

So, if we got rid of smallpox and polio… why is a war against Covid futile?

  • Neither polio nor smallpox have natural “bio-reservoirs”. This is when a virus can infect (and be harbored) within another species besides humans.
  • The absence of bio-reservoirs for Smallpox and Polio is a major reason why eradication was feasible.
  • Covid, by contrast, has multiple bio-reservoirs. So it is a lot more like Influenza.
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Eradication of Covid (and the flu) is therefore impossible. And anyone who claims otherwise is ignoring the very science they claim to respect so much.

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