THEY’RE CRACKING: Democrats Starting to Detract From Party Line, Opening to Republican Demands, Nearing a Deal on the Shutdown Already?

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By Robert Carbery

The Democrats have overreached on forcing this latest federal government shutdown. Prioritizing illegal children brought here under Obama’s illegal DACA program before 9 million American children who are U.S. citizens and will lose their insurance and 2 million military members who will be asked to work without pay… The SchumerShutdown is the latest disgusting act by the Democrats.
But they are starting to crack.
Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill) said on ABC’s This Week on Sunday morning that he thinks “the wall is a monumental waste of taxpayers’ money, and it’s to build a monument to stupidity and it’s just idiotic,” talking to George Stephanopoulos. However, he continued, saying, “Having said that, if that’s what it’s going to take in order to put 800,000 young men and women in the country … in a safe place and put them on course to full integration in our society… I say pay it.” Are they giving in? Is Gutierrez just the first grown up to come to the table to make a deal? Or is he simply an outlier? The Democrat Party leadership seems dug in to not get a deal done on DACA and border security to end the shutdown.

Democrats like Gutierrez have called the GOP’s demand for a border wall and additional security, taking the beautiful little Dreamers, many of whom are now in their thirties, hostage. Going to emotion time and time again, the Democrats have gone too far this time in trying to extract more out of spineless Republican lawmakers, this time on immigration. Even more hilariously, the Dems think the GOP will be hurt in the midterm elections over daring to enforce federal immigration law and prioritize American citizens before illegal aliens.
“Next November, we’ll deal with the ‘kidnappers’ at the election, at the polls,” Gutierrez warned. We’ll see, Luis. We’ll see. I got a big feeling you guys are going to get crushed after what your party has pulled this month.
Republicans want sensible immigration practices enacted such as an end to the random visa lottery system and rampant chain migration. The GOP can easily make the case that the left are holding the country hostage so we can legalize almost a million young illegal immigrants while continuing our open borders immigration practices that are far from merit-based as most sane first world countries implement. However, most American voters support making these illegal aliens citizens eventually, so both sides have a point in this fight.

The Democrats errantly state that Trump and Republicans want to end legal immigration but this is a gross overstatement. Enforcing current federal immigration law is not ending legal immigration. Prioritizing our security and our jobs is not destroying our legal immigration system. It is putting America First and foremost and that is why Donald Trump won the presidency last year.
Here’s the left’s case, as articulated by Gutierrez yesterday morning to Stephanopoulos: “Here’s what they’re saying to us, George, and we have to be very clear about it, and we are going to fight this: They want to end legal immigration to the United States. They say, ‘Let’s build a wall to keep us safe.’ But then … they say, ‘The lottery system, let’s end it.’ That’s legal immigration to the United States.” Since when is a random lottery the way we let people into this country? That is for from reality and that is distorting what conservatives are striving to do on this subject. We need a merit-based immigration system that lets in individuals who will contribute to our economy in a positive way and will be able to support themselves and their families and not depend on the government for aid.
The Democrats think they have this issue but they still have not fully grasped the ramifications of last year’s election. People are sick and tired of the status quo and they want real change, especially on immigration.
As of Sunday evening, the Senate adjourned without a funding deal in place to reopen the government, according to Bloomberg. Both houses of Congress were in session over the weekend to try to reach a bill as negotiations continue in DC. The shutdown is now heading into its third full day, the Senate will not meet again until Monday morning.
The Senate’s Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he will hold a vote at noon on Monday for the passage of a temporary stopgap funding bill, indicating immigration would come later. A desire to kick the can down the road yet again? Why not!!!

But Democratic leader Chuck Schumer will not let his shutdown go to waste and would not even agree to the stopgap funding bill that would get the government opened until February 8. McConnell still needs support from a couple other Democrats in order to reach the 60 vote threshold for a bill to fund and open the government.
This shutdown could last for some time if the Democrats fail to compromise on some of the Republicans’ sensible demands. But it already appears that the Democrats are starting to move toward appeasing the Democrats in order to save their precious Dreamers. I, for one, do not mind the federal government remaining shuttered for a while. On the other hand, I do mind not providing health insurance to U.S. citizens, especially children, and not paying our military men and women. That is simply wrong.  
Typical dysfunctional DC. Will it ever work smoothly again? Did it ever?
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  1. Snuffleupagus starts off the discussion using polling results. Wonder what he thinks of the Hildabeast wins in a landslide poll predictions. Hispanic Caucus? Another attempt to divide our nation. What about legitimate citizen?

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