They’re Not Sending Their Best: Why We Need to Build the Wall, Stop Illegal Immigration, and Curb Current Immigration Quotas, Part I

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By Bob Shanahan


“The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” Donald Trump began in his speech announcing his campaign for president almost three years ago now. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best … They’re bringing drugs, They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”


Donald Trump is correct. They are not sending their best. We let in more immigrants than any other country and plenty of refugees but that is still not enough for our liberal utopians clustered in sanctuary cities from San Francisco to New York City.


The northeast leader of the now well-known MS-13 Salvadoran gang was charged in mid-April with directing murders and trafficking loads of heroin into the area. Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, MS-13’s regional director for criminal operations across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland allegedly trafficked 1,500 grams of heroin in the Bronx and Maryland and 1,000 grams in Texas, according to prosecutors. MS-13 has long ravaged the New York area over the last ten years and is responsible for dozens of murders across Suffolk and Nassau counties.


MS-13’s mottos is to “kill, rape, control” by perpetrating acts of violence to instill fear and maintain control. They regularly carry out machete attacks, gang rape, executions, and human trafficking. The gang has more than 10,000 members in the U.S. today.



The U.S. accepted more than 1 million migrants in 2015, more than any other country. This number does not count the number of illegal aliens residing here though. The percentage of foreign-born Americans is now at least 13.3% of the population. The U.S. also lets in more refugees than anywhere else in the world, welcoming more than 3 million since 1975 and letting in almost 85,000 in 2016.


So please, spare me the virtue signalling about how the U.S. is a nation of immigrants and we need to be more compassionate and let in MORE migrants and refugees. We are already doing that. Don’t think we let in enough? What number would be acceptable to you? Two million per year? 10 million? Here’s the truth: not everyone who wants to live in this country will be able to do so. That is not heartless, that is not cruel, that is simply reality. Learn to deal with it. There’s a new sheriff in town.


However, that still did not stop a caravan of asylum seekers from walking 2,000 miles through Mexico this spring to the U.S. border at San Ysidro near San Diego about a month ago. The number of Central Americans seeking to settle in the states is nearing 200 and dozens more were let in earlier this month to plead their case for asylum. President Trump wants to tighten laws to make it more difficult for people to claim asylum since the number of asylum seekers has risen tenfold compared to 2011.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions said earlier this month that the Department of Justice will prosecute all cases of illegal border crossings, stating there is now a “zero tolerance policy” in place.


“People are not going to caravan or otherwise stampede our border,” Sessions said. “We need legality and integrity in our immigration system. That’s why the Department of Homeland Security is now referring 100 percent of illegal southwest border crossings to the Department of Justice for prosecution.”

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It’s time to build that big beautiful wall, Mr. President. Illegal immigration is up 230% along our southwest border as of last month. Loopholes in immigration law must be closed, deportations stepped up, and the law enforced indiscriminately. The catch-and-release policy that puts illegal immigrants caught at the border out on the streets who “promise” to show up to a deportation hearing but never do needs to be ended. Therefore, we need more detention facilities or need to put them back in Mexico right away and track their movements from there.


About 75% of all migrants caught by the Border Patrol are caught and then released out into society, according to Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council. This idiotic policy incentivizes Central Americans to rush across our border knowing they will be left to live their new lives in the United States.



April’s numbers reveal a continuing trend over the last few months of worsening illegal immigration despite our America First president sitting in the White House. The Border Patrol apprehended 38,234 illegal immigrants in April and Customs and Border Protection officers came across 12,690 more who tried to come through ports of entry without permission. Last month was the worst month for illegal immigration since Trump took office as the mass of Central Americans wanting to live in America realize that nothing has really changed.


After President Trump’s inauguration in early 2017, illegal immigration dropped off during the spring months of that year. The president bragged about these early figures and Democrats pointed to the dropoff as proof that illegal immigration was now nonexistent. However, the recent pickup in illegals crossing our border reveals that this is far from true as we return to levels we saw throughout the Obama administration.


For all of Obama’s faults and his emotionally charged DACA executive order, he still deported plenty of illegal aliens. In fact, the Deporter in Chief removed more than 2.5 million between 2009 and 2015, a number that does not include the people who self-deported or were turned away or returned home at the border. According to governmental data, the Obama administration deported more people than any other president’s administration in history and more than the sum of all presidents of the 20th century. Though I believe this numbers are slightly skewed because they include deportations as anyone caught at the border and subsequently sent back to their country, this is still nothing to scoff at.


The status quo has sadly continued despite President Trump’s and Jeff Sessions’ tough rhetoric. We witnessed fewer apprehensions than any year going back 45 years last year, according to Mr. Judd. Consequently, smugglers quickly realized that illegals were not being detained until their hearing, so they began gobbling up more clients to sneak across the border. And so we saw the caravan creep northward through Mexico recently and many other instances of unaccompanied children seeking residence in the land of the free during the warmer spring and likely continuing into the summer months.



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More than a third of those caught by the Border Patrol in April were unaccompanied alien children or families, a 50% increase. Where is the virtue signalling and unbridled outrage and utopian compassion for these at risk children, my Democratic neighbors? With not enough space to hold illegal immigrants, 75% of them are released into our midst. With 38,000 caught last month, that means more than 28,500 of them were quickly released.


Congress is now attempting to pass some kind of immigration reform bill on the Hill as the number of border crossings reaches an unacceptable point yet again. Sadly, both major parties do not want to do anything to solve this out of control issue. Democrats want the votes and open borders. Republicans want the cheap labor for its big business donors and the continuation of the problem to use as a wedge issue to rally their base.



Mexico is doing nothing to stem the flow of Mexicans and other Central Americans waltzing through its country to the U.S. border. The number of Mexicans deported from the United States was up 40% year-over-year during the first quarter of 2018, amounting to 53,764 Mexicans being sent back to where they came from. Deportations fell during the Donald’s first year in office but have since surpassed the total this year versus the start of 2016.


Mexico must do more to stop the northern flow of migrants to the U.S. Making matters worse, they devote very little to reintegration efforts of Mexicans deported for being in the U.S. illegally. They are complicit in the spike of illegal immigration we have seen at accelerated rates over the last few decades and the foreign aid we provide to them should be threatened if they fail to act.


The time has come to put a stop to all of this. We need to build that wall. We need to hold Mexico accountable for its inaction. We need to enforce the laws as they are written. We need to defend ourselves from the criminals and gang members entering our country as asylum seekers and children taking advantage of our immigration loopholes and sanctuary cities.


If we don’t do anything now, we never will. If Trump can’t do it, no one can. We need law and order. We need to defend our nation with secure borders. We won’t have a country at all if we don’t maintain our borders, language, and culture, as the great Dr. Savage says.


Look out for Part II of this series later today for more reasons why the wall should be built, illegal immigration stopped, and immigration quotas curbed.


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Bob is a freelance journalist and researcher. He remains forever skeptical of the mainstream media narrative and dedicated to uncovering the truth. Bob writes about politics (in DC and CA), economics, cultural trends, public policy, media, history, real estate, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and geopolitics. Bob grew up in Northern California, went to college in Southern California, and lived 4+ years in Seattle. He now lives in sunny Sacramento. His writing also appears in Citizen Truth and has been posted on ZeroHedge.



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