They’re Not Sending Their Best: Why We Need to Build the Wall, Stop Illegal Immigration, and Curb Current Immigration Quotas, Part II

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By Bob Shanahan


“There aren’t people, these are animals. And we’re taking them out of the country at a rate that’s never happened before,” Donald Trump said in response to a question regarding MS-13 from a California sheriff who is vehemently against the state’s reckless sanctuary state policies. This statement of fact predictably became a point of mass hysteria in the mainstream media as liberal talking heads voiced their outrage, dishonestly saying Trump called all illegal immigrants “animals” when he was specifically addressing the thugs of MS-13.


These incurious virtue signallers on the left fail to realize that MS-13 attacks its Hispanic constituents the most. As I mentioned in Part I of this series, there are more than 10,000 MS-13 members in the United States right now and illegal immigration was up 230% on our southern border in April. Trump is not targeting all Hispanics for deportation, he is taking decisive action to get the most dangerous criminals off our streets.


Guess what, this ain’t Obama’s America anymore.


Last fall, “Operation Raging Bull” targeted MS-13 gang members in the U.S. 214 were arrested and 198 of them were not U.S. citizens. Only five had permission to be in the country. Many MS-13 members have abused our immigration loopholes. More than 200,000 unaccompanied minors have arrived at the border and subsequently released into our towns and cities since 2014. Many teenagers who posed as vulnerable children fleeing danger were actually hardened gangsters from El Salvador or Honduras, crossing the border and hooking up with their MS-13 brothers in arms to perpetrate more violence in our society.


We are rounding up and deporting the threatening ones. The murderers, rapists, and drug traffickers we don’t want on our streets. Illegals are much more likely to commit crimes than American citizens. These are the facts. They do matter. Emotions accomplish nothing when it comes to securing the border and maintaining our culture.


According to Charlie Kirk, Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, 74% of all immigration arrests made last year were of people with prior criminal convictions. Furthermore, illegal aliens are twice as likely as a natural born citizen to commit a crime. “There are over 56,000 illegals in our federal prisons,” Kirk tweeted out on Sunday. “Build the wall, reduce crime,” he concludes. And save money! It costs more to support illegal aliens here than to deport them.


Thankfully, Trump is fighting these animals and sending them back where they came from. He’s not calling all immigrants animals and the term is actually putting it lightly when referring to MS-13. He is putting America First and enforcing the laws of the land. He is not targeting all Hispanics in this country. If you’re here legally, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re seeking asylum, you’re taking the risk of breaking up your family. This is a sad fact of life but you can’t let your emotions get in the way of maintaining your nation.



Still, Democrats continue to defend MS-13 and other dangerous illegal aliens from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement with its dangerous and unprecedented sanctuary city policies. Up in arms about children being separated from their families? How about American citizens being killed by illegal aliens who have been deported multiple times but keep returning to the same sanctuary city since they can live freely without fear of ICE being notified? Asylum seekers should be heard out if their case is valid, but we can’t let everyone into this country. Here’s a fun fact, these families are already breaking themselves up and separating children from adults by sending unaccompanied minors across the border to get their foot in the door of America! Where’s the outrage over that self-imposed family separation?


Oh right, it doesn’t fit the narrative.


“Do walls work? Just ask Israel about walls,” Donald Trump said in February 2017. Say what you want about Israel. They know how to keep the bad hombres out and protect themselves. Israel has a 400 mile barrier on its border with the West Bank, it has built walls and fences along its border with Egypt, its Iron Dome missile defense system adds a ceiling to these walls, and even has a system to detect and destroy underground tunnels, its floor.


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Why can’t we build that kind of house in America? Once a shining city on a hill?


Ian Bremmer’s new book, Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism, digs into the efficacy of walls, both physical, economic, and electronic.


“Walls don’t kill democracy,” Bremmer writes. “They protect democracy for ‘us’ by denying it to ‘them.’ That’s the argument that some will be making more openly in the coming years in countries around the world.” Walls make for good politics. They’re easy to explain. And, they’re effective. Though still not perfect.



Delving into the many failures of globalism, Bremmer believes that the recent rise in rhetoric around walls is an attempt to reverse the flow of globalization, which has failed hundreds of millions of people around the world, especially in America, leading to the Trump phenomenon in recent years. “To create the appearance of protecting jobs and industries, we’ll see a continuing increase in garden-variety protectionism.” In addition to better trade deals, some walls “will be designed to protect ‘national interests,’ an idea that will be defined ever more broadly… Some will be thrown up as quickly and haphazardly as the Berlin Wall, a barrier made of cheap cement and pebbles that divided East and West for twenty-eight years,” Bremmer writes.


Speaking of the Berlin Wall and the failure of the Soviet Union. Does the fall of communism following the breaking down of that wall and the rise of globalism mean there are less walls in Europe and around the world today than there were then?


Far from it…


“There are already a growing number of literal border walls around the world. In fact, there are now more physical barriers than at any time during the Cold War. According to a 2016 report in The Economist, more than forty countries around the world have built fences against more than sixty of their neighbors since the fall of the Berlin Wall,” Bremmer points out.



So why haven’t we built the wall yet on our southern border? We already have some fencing up across some 700 miles on our border with Mexico, but it must be completed. We need to keep the dangerous criminals out. We need to stop illegal immigration once and for all. We need to install a merit-based immigration system like every other country on earth does. We need to reduce the amount of migrants we let in under the million-plus every single year and we need to have more babies on our own. We are losing our country. We are letting ourselves be invaded. This is not hyperbole. This is reality.


“As the problem builds, pressure will rise further inside wealthier countries for new walls that are higher and stronger,” Bremmer writes.



Guess what, the wall just got ten feet higher.


The pressure has been building for some time. Trump is the president we need for these times and he is willing to do something about all of this. If we don’t take action now, we never will. Time to build the wall and enforce the law. If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country. If we don’t have a common language, we don’t have a country. If we don’t have a culture, our country will be gone. Don’t let us be overtaken by political correctness and globalist designs. Take control of our country back. Urge Trump and Sessions to take more decisive action. Demolish the existence of sanctuary cities. Demand your congressman to pass more stringent immigration laws. Protest illegal and ineffective policies like catch-and-release and sanctuary states.


We have no choice if we want to keep America great.


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Bob is a freelance journalist and researcher. He remains forever skeptical of the mainstream media narrative and dedicated to uncovering the truth. Bob writes about politics (in DC and CA), economics, cultural trends, public policy, media, history, real estate, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and geopolitics. Bob grew up in Northern California, went to college in Southern California, and lived 4+ years in Seattle. He now lives in sunny Sacramento. His writing also appears in Citizen Truth and has been posted on ZeroHedge.



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